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Museveni in his Cabinet oppose him but to work for Ugandans Norbert Mao (1)
Norbert Mao on His New Role: “I Am Not Here to Fight President Museveni, but to Work for Ugandans.”

Norbert Mao, president of the Democratic Party (DP), says his appointment represents the beginning of a new era of service for Ugandans.

The Democratic Party (DP) president Norbert Mao has come out to insist that his appointment is just a beginning of a new era for him to serve Ugandans.

The DP president was last week appointed by President Museveni as the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in an appointment that left many Ugandans questioning why an opposition party leader would accept to work for the ruling government.

Speaking over the weekend in Isingiro District, however, Chairman Norbert Mao said he was chosen for the position to work for all Ugandans and not only the NRM government as claimed.

“This appointment is just the beginning of a new era. If it’s the wind then you are about to experience an earthquake. Uganda is for us all. I have not gone to fight President Museveni in his Cabinet, or oppose him but to work for Ugandans.”

Mao challenged that as the struggle for liberation from the Museveni rule continues, the opposition should fear not to work with the incumbent.

Mao who linked Uganda’s political situation to a relay race said if someone is giving you a stick, you have to first run with him. He said there are many people in the opposition who are willing to cooperate but fear coming out.

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“In a relay you don’t give a stick to someone who is walking. There are many people who love Ugandans, in DP, National Unity Platform, Forum for Democratic Change and the NRM and everywhere. Let’s look out for one another and form a new majority, not the majority of historicals who came from the bush,” Mao said.

In addition, he said Uganda has become modern but what Ugandans now need is the transfer of power without bloodshed which I have offered to champion in my new agenda.

He said the position gives him, even more, ground to exercise his God-given leadership skills. 

“If you are a leader, be a leader. I don’t want God to ask me ‘Mao what did you do when Ugandans faced challenges?’ On a slope when the brakes were not working and the country was at the verge of getting finished. I now have what to tell Him,” Mao added. 

“I thank the NRM party for having agreed and accommodated our views in working towards a better Uganda. We had sold our views and attempted to work and cooperate with other parties but any attempts we would make instead, they wanted to swallow and capture and become submissive without considering our ideas and views for the good of Ugandans.”