norbert mao explains regime change in uganda (1)
Norbert Mao was appointed by President Yoweri Museveni last month as Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs. PHOTO/MONITOR

Democratic Party (DP) president Norbert Mao said regime change in Uganda is still far from reality since President Yoweri Museveni remains committed to retaining power.

Norbert Mao, the leader of the Democratic Party (DP), believes regime change in Uganda still remains far from reality due to President Yoweri Museveni’s desire to maintain power.

“Transitions are very difficult when you have an incumbent who desires to remain in power,” Mao made remarks while explaining his decision to accept to work closely with the NRM government.

He said the DP-NRM agreement is a precursor aimed at detoxifying the political space. He said, whatever happens, Uganda will soon survive President Museveni. 

“I want Uganda to survive President Museveni. Whatever happens, Uganda must survive Museveni. Others don’t. We must make an effort, and the effort we are making is for dialogue. We also have to talk about national reconciliation. Some people need to apologize, which can’t be done on the ballot,” Mao said.

“That’s why I have compared the transition debate to curving out bile from a liver. If you puncture it, it becomes inedible. There are those who are strongly pro-Museveni and those who are strongly anti-Museveni. I am trans-Museveni.”

In addition, he said it is easy to be a pessimist because when you are a pessimist even if something good happens and what is being prophesied doesn’t happen, it’s still pleasantly a surprise.

“Fortunately, I have a track record. I am not new on the political scene, so there is enough evidence of how I do things. I am not perfect, and I don’t consider myself a Messiah,” Norbert Mao added lashing out at those criticising his coalition with NRM.

Norbert Mao was last month appointed Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs by President Yoweri Museveni. The appointment followed a meeting in which the two parties signed a cooperation agreement between the NRM and the DP. 

“I salute the DP leadership for this gesture of mature, foresighted and constructive politics. Although DP has been in the opposition, they have not been destructive. They criticise but are not destructive. You know the history. I keep telling you that DP without Museveni is not a serious group because I was a very active member of DP,” Museveni said about the coalition.”

On his part Norbert Mao said; “You must look for them wherever they are in all the political parties and in all the corners of Uganda. This is a living document. It has to continue growing and we have signed it in good faith,” Mao said.