Miria Matembe on Norbert Mao I Am Not Surprised by His Actions (1)
The remarks were made by Miria Matembe during an appearance on Frontline aired on NBS TV.

According to Miria Matembe, DP’s Norbert Mao was only a matter of time before he announced his intention to cooperate with the NRM government, but many signs had already been pointing toward that outcome.

A political activist, Miria Matembe, has stated that it was only a matter of time before DP’s Norbert Mao publicly announced his decision to work with the NRM government. However, many signs have already been pointing in this direction.

Miria Matembe made the remarks while appearing on NBS TV’s Frontline program. She raised her only worry is that her friend Mao is finally going to be used to kill and murder the Constitution.

“Mao, I have been praying for you, and I have been saying that unless it is God. If God is the one who said Mao go at this time, I know he will do it. I am not surprised. I had heard earlier that Mao is supposed to be the Vice President of the ‘MK Project,’ so I said, eh! is that so? So I waited to see,” she said.

“When they announced him as the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, I said, eh! The project is taking shape. Mao saw all these ladders broken. The latest was the brutal one. Since 2011, we have been demanding for a national dialogue.”

Norbert Mao was last month appointed Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs by President Yoweri Museveni. The appointment followed a meeting in which the two parties signed a cooperation agreement between the NRM and the DP. 

“I salute the DP leadership for this gesture of mature, foresighted and constructive politics. Although DP has been in the opposition, they have not been destructive. They criticise but are not destructive. You know the history. I keep telling you that DP without Museveni is not a serious group because I was a very active member of DP,” Museveni said on the coalition.

On his part Norbert Mao said then; “You must look for them wherever they are in all the political parties and in all the corners of Uganda. This is a living document. It has to continue growing and we have signed it in a good faith”.