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Who is Professor Simeon Kayiwa (Pastor)?

Who is Pastor Simeon Kayiwa? Flash Uganda Media looks at the biography, wife, family, Early Life and Education, church ministry, preaching, Kayiwa International University, and children of the founder and Senior Pastor of the Namirembe Christian Fellowship.

Prof Simeon Kayiwa is a Ugandan pastor, Bible teacher, psychologist, author, singer, composer, lead pastor at Namirembe Christian Fellowship, CEO and Chancellor of Kayiwa International University (KINTU), a Born Again Christian based university in Uganda.

Prof Kayiwa is from a humble background but has turned famous, rich and a respected man, all because of God according to him.

Early Life and Education

Prof Simeon Kayiwa attended the Latin University of Theology, California (USA) from where he attained his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). He’s a professor of Psychology.

Church Ministry  

Prof Simeon Kayiwa is the vision bearer of Namirembe Christian Fellowship, a Born Again founded Church in Kampala and one of the pioneer Born Again Churches in Uganda. 

Through this ministry as a pastor, Kayiwa has performed several miracles.

According to his story, Kayiwa had a divine visitation from God. He went to Heaven and had a tour in 1982 and has been there for over 15 times. An angel visited him in a night of sleep and took his spirit to Heaven.

However, before he began ministry, while still a teacher of literature and art at Wampewo Secondary School, a Kampala city neighbourhood, Jesus appeared to him in the room where he was sleeping on 22nd December 1977 and spoke to him.

“Wake up and read Isaiah 60. Go and bring many people back to me. Tell them, I am the greatest power in all heaven and earth. Tell them to leave witchcraft and come back to me. I will be with you wherever you go, to perform miracles and wonders, by which people will know that I sent you.” This is what Jesus spoke to him on that day according to Pastor Kayiwa.

After this message, Pastor Kayiwa began preaching the word of God and performing miracles and indeed God has been with him from day one. He has never turned back and is one of the prominent preachers in the country.

Prof Kayiwa says Heaven and Hell are real, it’s not fantasy, hallucination, imagination or rather something in storybooks, because he has been there personally and to those who doubt Heaven, Kayiwa says they’re mistaken.

Then in 2015, Prof Simeon Kayiwa established Kayiwa International University close to Namirembe Christian Fellowship in Kampala. It’s a privately run institution and a Born Again based university.

Like any other person, Kayiwa was once falsely accused of witchcraft and fraud. Kayiwa and his wife Celia were accused by an American Businesswoman and author Rochelle Gibler their sponsor of defrauding at least Shs100 million.

In a controversial story, Pastor Kayiwa who attended Pastor Aloysius Buggingo and Susan Makula’s traditional marriage ceremony (Kwanjula) denied accompanying Pastor Buggingo to Makula’s home for the ceremony

This was after Buggingo and Susan Makula were dragged to court for allegedly conducting a marriage ceremony before dissolving his first marriage with Teddy Naluswa Buggingo.

Pastor Kayiwa in his argument said he only attended a get-together party on invitation from Buggingo. He said he was invited as a friend to lead prayers and bless the family of those who invited him.

According to Pastor Kayiwa, everyone must be prayed for even if he/she is condemned to death. 

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Kayiwa International University was established in 2015 by Prof Simeon Kayiwa in Kampala near the Namirembe Christian Fellowship.

Books and Songs

Prof Simeon Kayiwa has written various spiritual books and songs that include:


  • Walking on Dangerous Waves
  • Power of Packed Legacy
  • Working Miracles
  • Among other songs


  • Bayugumya Ekibuga. This is the first song he composed in 1991
  • Tukuza Leero Omwoyo Gwo 
  • Among other songs


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Simeon and Celia, who courted for only a month, have been married for over 40 years. FILE PHOTO

Prof Simeon Kayiwa is married to Celia Kayiwa and together they are parents of four children. In addition to their biological children, the Kayiwas have one adopted daughter and several spiritual children. 

Simeon and Celia who only had a one-month courtship have spent over 40 years in marriage.