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Road Users Are Urged to Drive Safely as Schools Reopen (1)
Traffic police spokesperson Asp Faridah Nampiima told the media on Monday that the school season is usually characterised by the increased volume of traffic on roads, which creates room for panic driving. PHOTO/WENR - WES

Police have advised all road users to drive carefully and be vigilant since many schools have already opened for the new academic year.

With many schools already open for the new term, the police have urged all road users to be vigilant and drive with care to deter any accidents that might arise.

While addressing the media on Monday, Asp Faridah Nampiima the traffic police spokesperson, said the school season is usually characterised by the increased volume of traffic on roads which creates room for panic driving. 

“All schools are expected to open today 09TH MAY 2022 for term two. The season of schools opening is usually characterised by increased movement of persons and increased volume of traffic on roads.”

Nampiima however, reminded all road users to be vigilant while using the roads to prevent further accidents. As well, she said the public can also report traffic violations on our Toll-free number Tel: 0800199099.”

Nampiima said because much traffic is expected on most of the roads within Kampala, they should plan their journeys accordingly to avoid rushing and any form of reckless driving since most of them will be moving almost at the same time.

In addition, she called on all public service vehicle drivers to maintain discipline as they drive to and from their respective destinations.

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She mentioned that the traffic police will be conducting spot checks on different roads to capture all those found non-compliant including those who are not wearing their seat belts.

Nampiima also said overloaded cars including taxis and buses will be impounded once caught and the drivers also will be penalised.

“To avoid inconveniences all PSV drivers are reminded to respect road signage, to have discipline on the roads and avoid reckless driving and all passengers are reminded to always wear their seat belts. Also PSV operators are advised not to load excess passengers, not to rush students when offloading their luggage to avoid misplacements or losing them,” she said.

“All those using PSVs are reminded to board from gazetted parks in order to ensure safe travel of leaners back to their respective schools and those operating long routes are advised to avoid return journeys,” she added reminding all Boda boda riders to drive safely while transporting students to schools to avoid accidents.

Nampiima however, made the remarks shortly after reading out a traffic report of accidents that occurred between May 01st to 7th May 2022. She said a total of 346 accidents occurred during this period with 64 being fatal, 168 were serious and 114 were minor.

Nampiima said the accident victims during this period were 398 of which, 103 people died while 295 sustained injuries.