Teacher arrested for defiling pupil at Ambrosoli International School (1)
A teacher at Ambrosoli International School, Bugolobi was charged with aggravated defilement last Friday by the Directorate of CID. FILE PHOTO

CID last Friday charged a teacher of Ambrosoli International School, Bugolobi with aggravated defilement of a three-and-a-half-year-old female pupil.

The Directorate of CID last Friday, charged to court a teacher of Ambrosoli International School, Bugolobi for the alleged Aggravated Defilement of three and a half-year-old, female pupil.

According to Fred Enanga the police spokesperson, findings indicate that, Belly Kirimwimana, a teacher of Burundian origin, during the month of February and March, would escort the girl child to the toilets, where he could use his fingers to inappropriately assault sexually the girl victim.  

The victim took the courage and reported the gross misconduct to her parents. In some of her words, she indicated that “And since the teacher had bad manners, he will be eaten by a dragon”. 

Upon examination, the girl victim was found with bruises and signs of inflammation on her private parts.

Enanga raised concern that more children could also have been victimized by the same teacher. As a result, he called on all parents to talk to their children on whether they could have been victimized by Kirimwimana.

“We want to thank the parents for reporting the matter to police, and the school administrators for cooperating with us. It truly showed that their first priority was always their pupils. 

He revealed that the teacher was charged to court and remanded until 24.05.2022. The police spokesperson however urged all school administrators to adopt best practices that promote the safety and welfare of children while at school.

“We want to use this opportunity to promote awareness of the significant risks young school children face by trusted and often revered professionals while in school. As a result, we urge all school proprietors and administrators, to adopt best practices that promote the safety and welfare of children at school.”

“They should always comply with law, by reporting all incidents of child sexual abuse, so that no teacher escapes from credible allegations of child abuse.” 

In addition, Enanga said thorough background checks must be conducted to ensure teachers with poor records are not hired.

He further mentioned that teachers should also be trained on how to identify and report child abuse to child protection authorities like Doctors, Police, Social Service agencies, child rights defenders among others. 

As well, he said no pupil should never be left alone with a teacher or any other staff member in a private room, car or toilet. He also emphasised that children should be empowered to speak once something is not right.

“Teachers are the people who are constantly in touch with school children, and most likely notice the bruises, poor hygiene, the dejection, and unexplained absences that can be tell-tale signs of mistreatment of all kinds.”

“Other common forms of child abuse in schools include; use of inappropriate language, sexually exploit imagery, prolonged hugging, fondling, inappropriate kissing on the forehead, inappropriate complimenting etc,” Enanga added.