Sheebah Karungi biography
Who is Sheebah Karungi?

Who is Sheebah Karungi? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, songs, music, education and background of Samalie Njagala Karungi.

Sheebah Karungi aka Queen Sheebah born Samalie Njagala Karungi is a Ugandan recording artist, dancer, songwriter, actress, renown fashionista, model and a businesswoman. Sheebah had the drive for music as a start-up singer. Seven years on, Sheebah became the biggest artiste and international. 

Sheebah has taken on Africa (Nigeria in particular), given a successful remix with Singer Solid Star on her Nkwatako Song and the collabo with Runtown.

Given her Karaoke background, Sheebah usually gets off the key and sound when she lands on stage and focuses on moving her body. Sheebah is a fashion role model for the youth and many models of Uganda. 

She has collaborated with top stylists, like Kajuuka Abbas, Mavo Kampala and Kamara Adrian, Sashz Closet and Samalie among others, all notable in the fashion industry. sheebah has demonstrated her capacity in the fashion industry via Instagram posts wearing a series of clothes.

Early Life and Education

Sheebah Karungi was born on 11 November 1989 to Edith Kabazungu aka Maama Karungi and the late Mzee Ahamada Kimali Musoke.

After completing her primary education at Kawempe Muslim Primary School, Sheebah joined Midland High School, Kawempe but she dropped out of school in senior two. In all her media interviews and public statements, Sheebah has never been enthusiastic about her father. 

Edith Kabazungu Sheebah mother
Sheebah started dancing for money to assist her mother with household bills.

In December 2016, Sheebah Karungi had her maiden music concert named Nkwatako. It was staged at Hotel Africana and while there, Sheebah was filled with lots of excitement because of the huge turn-up.

Sheebah at this moment got emotional and broke down and called on the gathering to thank her mother. Sheebah said she hates plunging into the story of her father insisting it was very traumatizing as she recalls that part of her personal history. 

Telling her untold story, Sheebah mentioned how she stared at her father’s home prompting her to flee to Kawempe to stay with her very poverty-stricken mother. At this stage, Sheebah was only 9 years old when she parted ways with her father the late Kimali Musoke.

As time went on, Sheebah also fled her mother’s home when she was in S.2. The rift that existed between Sheebah and his father explains why Sheebah never visited his father for all the months he was bedridden feeling unwell. 

Whereas some people sympathized with her arguing that Kimali Musoke was a very complicated conservative character, his eldest son Swaibu Senfuka blames Sheebah for being very unrepentant and unforgiving towards her father. 

Senfuka, who several times brokered reconciliation, says Sheebah would always say she can’t forgive dad because of the way he neglected her as a kid and his refusal to educate her. 

In addition to Senfuuka’s argument Kimali Musoke’s sisters also said they tried reconciling the two but their daughter Sheebah always complicated things by being unrepentant and arrogant towards her ailing father.

As such he considered Sheebah’s liberal approach to life to be satanic and abominable in Islam. He was always belligerent towards Sheebah because of such, but Edith Kabazungu, Sheebah’s mother says Musoke’s demands were very unreasonable and it was right the young lady rejected them. 

Kabazungu says he over neglected his child and this attracted so much resentment in the child to the extent that an equally disgusted Sheebah willed/decreed that the day she dies, she must be buried in Mukono/Lutwama’s place and never in Buikwe at Kimali Musoke’s burial grounds. 

Salma Nakakande, one of Kimali Musoke’s many children, disagrees with Edith Kabazungu and says Sheebah very poorly behaves and her biggest challenge has been a failure to manage success.

Nakakande says Sheebah despises everybody in the family simply because she is a celebrity. ” She stayed in the car and left immediately after burial,” Nakakande noted in support of her other siblings to expel Sheebah from the clan as well as forcing her to abandon their name Samalie Njagala Karungi named in memory of Sheebah’s Aunt to whom she succeeded. 

Insists that no sane Muslim parent would ever tolerate the same and ridicule Kimali Musoke endured because of Sheebah’s always much-publicized nude stunts. 

Nakakande confirms that one time a very angry Kimali Musoke called his other children for a meeting and before them, he raised his hands and cursed Sheebah insisting she will remain barren and will never get children.

Edith Kabazungu, mother to Sheebah Karungi following the matter disclosed to reporters the circumstances under which she gave birth to Sheebah. 

Edith Kabazungu narrated that the late Musoke was never a responsible parent towards Sheebah. Sheebah never attended her father’s burial which posed question s in hundreds of mourners, who had expected to meet and have a look at her and to her celebrities. 

Nevertheless, Edith Kabazungu her mom defended Sheebah saying she was away abroad for work.

Karungi first official single
In December 2016, Sheebah had her maiden music concert named Nkwatako.

Music Career

At 15 years, Sheebah started dancing for money to assist her mother with household bills, after she joined a dance group called stingers in 2004 before she left the group for Obsessions Music Group in 2006. She used to watch a lot of entertainment TVs, listening to music, watching videos and practising dance moves. 

When she thought she was ready, Sheebah joined stingers. This kind of treatment pushed her to learn English on her own and then two years later Sheebah took a bold step to launch a solo music career.

Sheebah who has faced rejection since childhood refused to incline to it but rather worked harder and changed her life to what it appears today. At obsessions, she developed an interest in music, recording two songs before she left the group for a solo career in music. 

After joining the Obsessions music group, Sheebah’s target was to dance and earn money but her plan didn’t go as she had wished. Along the way, her plan turned into a successful music career which has earned her more than she had anticipated.

In 2010, Sheebah released “Kunyenyenza”, her first official single, produced by Washington and written by Cindy. After quitting Obsessions, a dance group she joined in 2006, Sheebah rose to fame upon the release of her song “Automatic”, written by Sizzaman that made a major turnaround in her sole career. 

Upon the success of “Automatic” Sheebah in 2014, released her first musical project, Ice Cream, a five-track EP which contained hit Singles including Ice Cream that dominated the airwaves and Jordan and later on Twesana. Her second music project was titled Nkwatako that marked her first album title in 2016 and her second studio album in 2017.

Sheebah notes that the music industry is not easy and one has to work extremely hard to achieve their desired dreams. To upcoming artistes, Sheebah advised them to keep time, work hard on their artistic work and believe in themselves. 

“Today, Sheebah is a powerful Ugandan Singer and one of the top musicians who has inspired many youths, a fashion icon and a top-notch model.” 

Just like the many life stories of successful people, Sheebah too noted that where she started music everyone saw her as a joker, even her close friends and role models never believed that she could make it to the top.

Sheebah believes prayer, hard work, vision, believing in yourself regardless of the negative environment is the key to success.

Sheebah Karungi songs 

  • Ice Cream
  • Nkwatako
  • Tunywe
  • Nakyuka
  • Kyoyina Omanya
  • Enyanda
  • Ekyaama
  • Nkwatako
  • John Rambo
  • Onkutude
  • Jealousy
  • Exercise
  • Mummy Yo
  • Empiki
  • Nabaleka
  • Love Ya Kitundu
  • Kambyogere
  • Kwolwo
  • Nkumisinga
  • Kussi
  • Atarudi
Sheebah Karungi indecent dressing ft
Karungi was one time warned by Uganda’s Pornographic Control Committee over the indecent dressing.


  • Nkwatako (2016)
  • Karma (2017)
  • Samalie 

Sheebah’s Acting Career


  • Won the Uganda Entertainment Award as the Best Female Artiste in 2015
  • Won the 2015 3rd HiPipo Music Awards Best Afropop Song “Go Down Low” with Pallaso
  • Won the 2015 3rd HiPipo Music Awards Best Female Artiste 
  • Won Zzina Awards as the Best Female Artiste
  • Won the 2016 4th HiPipo Music Awards Video of The Year “Siri Zari”
  • Won the 2016 Uganda Entertainment Awards, category Best Female Artiste
  • Won the Zzina Awards Female Artiste of The Year, Artiste of the Year, Best Collaboration of the Year in 2017 (Sheebah and Ykee Benda)


  • Nominated in the 2015 Uganda Entertainment Awards, Best Dancehall Artiste
  • Nominated in the 3rd HiPipo Music Awards 2015 as Artiste of the Year, Best Duo Group Artiste with Pallaso, Song of the Year “Twesana”, nominated Best Ragga Dancehall Song “Mundongo” with Pallaso.
  • Nominated in the 2015 3rd HiPipo Music Awards Song of the Year “Twesana”, Best Ragga Dancehall Song “Mundongo” with Pallaso, Best Afrobeat Song “Twesana”
  • Nominated in the 2016 Nigeria Entertainment Awards as the Best Africa Female Artiste.
  • Nominated in the 2016 4th HiPipo Music Awards as Best Artiste, Best Afropop Song “Nipe Yote,” and Otubatisa,” East Africa Best Video “Siri Zari”
  • Nominated in the 2016 Uganda Entertainment Awards Artist of the Year, Best Dance/Lie Performance, Best Dancehall artiste, Video of the Year “Nkwatako”
  • Nominated Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards in the Fashionable Music Video of The Year 2017 (The Way Song) and Most Stylish Female Artiste.


  • Kyolina Omanya Remix Ft. Sheebah and Crysto Panda
  • Like Dat Ft. Sheebah and Icon G.Rappa
  • Replace Me Ft. John Blaq X, Sheebah and Granade Official
  • Silwana Ft. Sheebah and Carol Nantongo
  • Wankona-Trumpet Version Ft. Sheebah and Rich 2 Trumpeter
  • Nkulowozako Ft. Sheebah and Alvin Kizz
  • Munyiiza Ft. Sheebah and Brotherz Muzik
  • John Rambo-Beam Extended Ft. Sheebah and DJ. Beam
  • Wuk Up My Body Ft. Sheebah and X CK X Bucho and DJ Rocky
  • Oli Kuki ft. Sheebah and Duckta Brian
  • Tonumya Ft. Sheebah and Diamond Oscar
  • Omulembe Guno Ft. Sheebah and Aziz Azion
  • Farmer Remix Ft. Sheebah and Ykee Benda 
  • Tonzoleya Ft. Sheebah and Topic
  • Wadawa Ft. Sheebah and Chosen Blood
  • Bad Mind Ft. Sheebah and Beni Man
  • Nsekula Ft. Sheebah and Irene Ntale 
  • Idroid Song Ft. Sheebah, Rema, Mun. G and Nutty Neithan
  • Primary Ft. Sheebah and Sizza Bafana 
  • Bad Boy Ft. Sheebah and THEOfficial 4GB
  • Go Down Low Ft. Sheebah and Pallaso 
  • Mundongo Ft. Sheebah and Pallaso
  • No Offense Remix Ft. Sheebah and Beene Gunter
  • Self Service Ft. Sheebah and Daxx Kartel
  • Twazilwanako Ft Sheebah, Akay and Bakri
  • How Many Times Ft. Sheebah and Santana
  • Empeta Ft. Sheebah and King Saha
  • Kale Maama Ft. Sheebah and Chance Nalubega
  • Am in Love Ft. Sheebah and Kitoko
  • Binkolera Ft. Sheebah and The Ben
  • Beera Nange Ft. Sheebah and Feffe Bussi
  • Sweet Sensation Ft. Orezi
  • Tevunya Ft. Fik Famaica 
  • Weekend Ft. Runtown
  • Follow Me Ft. Harmonize
  • Osobola Ft. Sheebah and Leila Kayondo

Sheebah unveils her Munyonyo house

Queen Sheebah Karungi entered her new house located in Munyonyo, a residential neighbourhood of Kampala on 1 July 2019. 

Addressing her guest during the house warming party Sheebah said that it was her first night in her own house. Sheebah treated her guests including celebrities, musicians and friends to eats and drinks and revealed to them how she used to perform nine shows every night to raise the money she used to construct her dream house. 

“I used to be ashamed to take people to our Kawempe home.” “Sheebah then used the opportunity to thank her manager Jeff Kiwa who made her dream a reality. “.

Samalie Njagala Karungi house
She entered her new house located in Munyonyo, a residential neighbourhood of Kampala on 1 July 2019. PHOTO/BUKEDDE

Sheebah’s indecent dressing

Sheebah Karungi was one time warned by Uganda’s Pornographic Control Committee over the indecent dressing. Annette Kezaabu announced at a press conference that Sheebah’s dress code was indecent, it exposes her nakedness. 

In her view, Sheebah needed to change her dress code during public appearances or else risk facing the law. 

Sheebah Cindy Music Battle

Amidst the many challenges Sheebah had faced in her career, she is determined to keep giving her fans what they want. This music battle between Sheebah and Cinderella Sanyu stage name Cindy is to boost her fan base and promote her music.

Some claim that it came out as a planned battle between the two while others claim that Cindy was bored one evening and decided to rattle Sheebah’s cage. 

This backs up the revelation that Cindy had accepted 50m for the battle, yet Sheebah and her management rejected the 50m offer. To music analysts, Sheebah has done amazing work in her music career.