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best Somali Restaurants in Kampala Uganda (1)

The capital of Uganda, Kampala, has many best Somali restaurants, and most Somali people are Muslims, so halal is the main food they eat.

Kampala, the capital of Uganda, is home to a number of the best Somali restaurants. Because the majority of Somalis are Moslems, halal food is the most popular food. 

When you visit other regions, it’s most likely that they’ll prepare different food. 

However, most of the Somali cuisines borrow or integrate food from Italians, Turkish, Arab, Indian Ethiopian, and East African foods.

A lot of them love camel for its meat and milk. According to them, it tastes way better than cow or goat milk. Is this true? Have you tasted camel milk before? Alcohol is also forbidden in their culture. Buying it could cost you some jail time.

Check out these 5 best Somali restaurants in Kampala, Uganda, to determine whether or not this is true.

SYL Somali Restaurant

Located in Kinsenyi 2, Social Center Village. Here, tasty Somali and Ugandan food is served with standard beverages like milk, lemon, watermelon, avocados, and mangoes. 

They serve other beverages like sodas like Coca-Cola and Fanta. On most days, you can find meats including chicken, goat, camel, cow, and fish.

Dayah Hotel and Restaurant

This new hotel is located in Kisenyi. It’s a popular Kampala neighborhood for Somalis in Uganda.

This hotel has tasty food and a thoughtfully Somali way of life. It makes it a cozy place for visitors from Somalia and other nations with Somali-like behaviors.

Generally, it’s a decent and affordable restaurant. For people looking to try out camel meat, we recommend Dayah Hotel and Restaurant.

Little Mogadishu

Camel meat, a typical Somali delicacy is served at Little Mogadishu. The owner, Leeban Omar opened it to help bridge the divide between different cultures. 

Through these Somali meals, Ugandans have discovered that Somalis are loving and tolerant people. You can see that it’s easy to live with them.

Here, diners can eat while also learning about the country. Photos of Somali history and past leaders can be seen in the restaurant.

Visit Little Mogadishu to have a deeper experience of Somali culture through their food and great ambiance. It’s among the best Somali restaurants in Kampala, Uganda.

Ethiopian Village

ethiopian village restaurant kampala

Located on Tankhill Road, Kabalagala. They prepare a variety of African dishes including Ethiopian, Ugandan, and Somalis dishes. 

The food is served on platters making it ideal for groups. 

This may include rice, vegetables, camel or goat’s meat and chicken.

Prices are fairly affordable, and the staff provides quick and professional services.

Amagara Cafe Bistro

Amagara Cafe Bistro Kampala Restaurants (1)

The ideal setting for an ideal African buffet is on their cool patio. It’s surrounded by big trees that bring a cool breeze. And, despite being in the center of town, it is a fairly calm area.

Their menu includes Goat Curry with Fried Plantain, pizza chicken with cheese, a self service buffet, and salads.

They also make freshly pressed juices that dinners will love.

Arrive early for the neighborhood buffet. A plate goes for UGX 35,000 only.


There is no doubt that visiting these 5 best Somali restaurants in Kampala, Uganda will excite you. It could bring an oomph effect to everything you eat from koftas to curries, salad, crepes, and even fried coffee.

We can’t wait for you to visit and experience Somali love on a plate.