What is Tembuzi Cultural Fun Park (1)
Uganda's newest leisure parks, the Tembuzi Cultural Fun Park is ideal for friends, families, corporate team meetings, and individuals as well as families.

Tembuzi Cultural Fun Park is a new leisure park in Uganda. Located in Namugongo-Nabusugwe, a prime residential area, the park is ideal for friends, individuals, families, and corporate team outings. 

The Tembuzi Cultural Fun Park is one of the latest leisure parks established in Uganda. With its location in Namugongo-Nabusugwe, a prime residential area, the park is ideal for friends, individuals, families, and corporate team meetups. 

You can relax, play, reconnect, and celebrate at the park. It is a great spot for outdoor games, picnics, camping and team-building activities. 

What is Tembuzi Cultural Fun Park all about?

If you are looking for a place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of Kampala city but not several miles away from town, then Tembuzi Cultural Fun Park is the place to be. 

The park consists of spacious gardens, perfect for events and relaxation. A kids’ play area is stationed at one end of the park. It contains a variety of kids’ games and wooden structures for those that want to sit and watch the kids play. 

During your stay at Tembuzi, you can visit the Uganda Martyrs shrine Namugongo. It is a few kilometres away from the park.  

Activities at the park

Tembuzi Cultural Fun Park (1)

Nature walk: A nature walk is a wonderful way to relax, observe, and discover nature. The spectacular botanical gardens at Tembuzi Cultural Park are accompanied by natural trees and flowers. 

Here, the air is fresh and the environment serene. Beautiful sunsets can be observed through the tree canopies. 

Kids’ play area: The kids’ corner at the park features swings, a seesaw, a merry-go-round and metallic pull-up bars on which children play.

Camping: Visit Tembuzi Cultural Fun Park for an incredible camping experience with nature. You will wake up to birds chirping in the trees as the sun rises. 

You can carry your tents and pitch them at the campsite or hire some from the park. During the night, campers relax around the campfire to share stories and food. 

Events: The vast green gardens can cater for all kinds of functions ranging from a wedding reception, birthdays, birthday showers, meetings, and seminars, among others. 

Event space is provided with customized packages.  

Games at the park

The games section at Tembuzi Cultural Fun Park is still expanding and yet to include more adrenaline rush activities like ziplining and paintball.

At a fee of only UGX 20,000, you get unlimited access to games currently available at the park. A full package of games and meals costs UGX 50,000.

Soccer: Soccer is played within the park’s expansive gardens. Get your team of 5-10 players and enjoy kicking the ball around the park. 

Being a team sport, soccer helps you to build team spirit and respect for others, in addition to many other benefits.

Volleyball: With basic knowledge and tips for playing volleyball, you can engage in games between friends, family or work colleagues.

Dodgeball: Dodgeball is a game where players try to avoid the balls thrown at them. The main goal is to get rid of all players by throwing the ball at them.

High ropes: One of the best ways to test your adrenaline is with the High Ropes and Obstacles Challenge. 

At Tembuzi Cultural Adventure Park, the obstacle challenge is called the Kabalega challenge, named after the former king of Bunyoro kingdom, Omukama Chwa II Kabalega.

Low ropes: Low ropes are ropes placed close to the ground with various challenges to overcome by participants. 

Low ropes courses are made up of both real and made-up obstacles that are meant to force people to work together to complete a task.

In addition to the games mentioned earlier, other games are uniquely curated by the game master onsite.

How to get there

Tembuzi Cultural Fun Park in Uganda (1)

You can easily get to Tembuzi Cultural Fun Park using the Kampala-Northern bypass highway. 

Take the Kampala-Northern bypass road and slightly turn left onto the Naalya-Namugongo road. Continue onto the Kyaliwajjala-Naalya road. 

Continue onto Naalya-Namugongo Rd, Namugongo Road and Ssonde Rd to your destination. 


Enjoy fine dining at Tembuzi Cultural Fun Park. The park specializes in providing catering services for corporate events, birthday parties, friends and family gatherings and weddings. 

A special menu for kids is also included. The innovative dishes, finest seasoning and local dishes used are all put together to give you the best dining experience. 

The lunch buffet goes for UGX 30,000. Barbeque and cocktails can also be made available on order. The park has in-ground bench seats where you can sit back, grab a bite, have a drink and relax in the gardens. 


Since Tembuzi Cultural fun park is still in the process of getting fully established and expanding, permanent structures have not been put in place yet for guests that would like to stay the night.

However, you can camp in the park’s beautiful gardens. You can pitch your tent at a convenient location within the gardens.

Nearby hotels for accommodation include:-

Converge HotelConverge Hotel is 2.3km from Tembuzi Cultural Fun Park and 25 minutes drive to Metroplex Shopping mall. The hotel has standard single rooms and deluxe double rooms. 

Converge Hotel has 15 rooms that all come with bottled water and portable fans for free. The rooms have balconies and their sitting areas and desks. Beds have mattresses with pillow tops.

In the bathrooms, the showers have showerheads. Guests can use the free Wi-Fi in the rooms. Housekeeping is done daily and the park offers free breakfast too.

Additionally, the hotel has a 24-hour front desk service. 

Tesh Hotel: Tesh Hotel, located 7 kilometres from the city centre, offers accommodations of world-class quality to domestic and foreign guests in Uganda. 

The Tesh Hotel is furnished with a restaurant, a bar, and spacious, opulent rooms, as well as a crew, prepared to deliver the highest level of customer service.

The hotel security is available 24/7 to ensure the safety of its guests.

Trinity Resort Hotel and Spa: At Trinity Resort Hotel and spa, continental meals are provided. The hotel features a sports bar and massage facility. 

The team at the hotel is receptive to guests’ needs and always ready to serve. 

Temms hotel: The 2-star Temms Hotel Kampala features a 24-hour front desk, concierge service, and Wi-Fi throughout the property. Each room has a furnished balcony.

The restaurant in the Temms Hotel serves breakfast daily. 

How to make reservations

For reservations at Tembuzi Cultural Fun Park, book online through the website.