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Khyber Pass Restaurant

The following are the top best Indian restaurants in Kampala, Uganda, that we are excited to share with you.

Most of us go to restaurants to eat, drink, and maybe just hang out with friends. There’s always a reason that takes us to a restaurant. Are you Indian or do you just love Indian food? Looking for the best Indian restaurants in Kampala, Uganda

In Kampala, numerous Indian restaurants make delicious Indian cuisine, are affordable, and have the best waiters and waitresses.

This list of the best Indian restaurants in Kampala, Uganda is sure to satisfy all your Indian food cravings.

Nawab Indian Restaurant

You can find Nawab Indian restaurant on Garden City Roof Top (Yusuf Lule Road), Kampala, Uganda.

Guests love this restaurant for serving the best butter chicken, butter naans, egg fried rice, and curry chicken. But also the fact that it offers an aerial view of Kampala.

It’s a great place to relax with friends and loved ones as you enjoy perfectly prepared Indian cuisine.

The restaurant does food deliveries for those that would love to eat in the privacy of their homes or at work.

Masala Chaat House

The Masala Chaat House is located on Plot 3 De Winton Street Kampala. It’s a top-rated and well-known Indian restaurant in Kampala that serves affordable traditional Indian cuisine to guests. 

This restaurant also serves alcoholic drinks like wine, beer, and fruity cocktails among others. The Masala Chaat House closes at 10:00 p.m. every day.

Ashiana Restaurant

ashiana indian restaurants kampala

Ashiana Restaurant is famous for giving guests exactly what they want. The restaurant serves both cuisine and alcoholic beverages to its patrons. 

They only prepare Indian food. Here, guests get to eat local Indian food for a very small fee. They are located in Bandali Rise in Kampala, Uganda.

Asian Fusion Restaurant

This is one of the best-known restaurants in Kampala, Uganda. They are located on plot 1 Kafu Rd, Kampala. They serve authentic Indian and Chinese food.

Each dish is carefully designed by its chefs. You can expect to have a tasty culinary experience. Asian Fusion offers some of the freshest cocktails in the city, you should try them.

They have been serving Indian tasty Indian food for the past 10 years. Making them one of the best Indian restaurants in Kampala Uganda. Their menu includes tandoori delights, Indian curry, and Chinese cuisines.

They can be found on Jumia food, meaning you can order food at home. The restaurant opens every day from 10:00 am 6:00 pm.

D’Mello’s Indian Restaurant

D’Mello’s Indian Restaurant

You can find D’Mello’s restaurant just near the offices of the Indian Association located in the city center. They have a huge area perfect for youngsters to play on swings and slides. 

Additionally, there is outdoor seating, a pool table, and a table tennis table, including a dart board. They also have a well-stocked bar with nice food that is of high quality and priced reasonably.

It’s a great place to organize a small get-together with friends as you enjoy Indian food and drinks.

Their staff is very friendly and professional. You can expect only the best services from this restaurant.

The Great Indian Dhaba

The Great Indian Dhaba is Kampala’s best and most well-known restaurant. Its located on Plot 3 Wampewo Avenue in Kampala, Uganda.

They serve only the best Indian cuisine to guests. If you’re looking for authentic Indian food at an affordable price, you must check out this restaurant. 

On top of this customers can order alcoholic drinks like wine, beer, and light beer. 

Khyber Pass Restaurant

best Indian restaurants in Kampala

Did you know that you can order food online from Khyber Pass Restaurant? This restaurant is located on Nile Avenue. Their service is top-notch. They bring you the recipes of frontier Tawa tandoor (clay pot cooking).

Khyber Pass restaurant also has professionally trained waiters and waitresses who will attend to you when you arrive.

Their chefs are of Indian origin (2 of them). 

While one makes the pieces of bread and the other determines the cure & spices for every meal made. Isn’t that amazing?

They have a lovely sitting area where you can unwind the day with dinner or start your day with breakfast. If this isn’t one of the best Indian restaurants in Kampala, Uganda, then we don’t know what is.

Aangan Restaurant

It’s located on the Lugogo bypass, 4th-floor Lugogo house, plot 42 Kampala Uganda.

Their cuisines include Indian, Chinese, Seafood, and Barbecue. Vegan-friendly options are also available for people that prefer that.

It’s a beautiful place to go with friends. A lot of their guests love to order tandoori chicken and goat ribs. This is because it’s quite affordable and tastes amazing.

You can also use Aangan Restaurant for all your outside catering needs. They’re sure to deliver the best.

Khana Khazana

They are situated on plot 20 John Babiha (Acacia) Avenue, Kampala Uganda. This is a cozy, kid-friendly Indian restaurant with professional waiters and waitresses.

Khana Khazana restaurant offers takeout services. They serve up a delicious menu that includes the healthiest food options around town. 

Also, their service is speedy, you won seat around for hours waiting to eat. Their facility also caters to wheelchair access and enough car parking.

Haandi Kampala Ltd (Restaurant)

They are situated on plot 7, Commercial Plaza, 1st Floor Kampala Road, Kampala.

You can enjoy Chinese, Indian, and Asian cuisine at this restaurant. For Indian food, guests can order dal tadka, chilly paneer, and schwezan rice. 

Additionally, they provide a variety of sweets that you can order in advance. Everyone from the receptionist to the waitresses, all are friendly.


In terms of flavors, textures, and pairings, Indian food offers an astonishing range of gourmet variations. The Aromas from their are will leave you craving more.

These are the best Indian restaurants in Kampala Uganda. The food they serve is guaranteed to tempt your taste receptors. 

You can be sure the menu includes spicy, sweet, tangy, and tasty flavors. 

Also, a lot of the food choices are healthy. It’s just how it is with Indian food.

Lastly, remember you can never have too much Indian food! Visit any of these restaurants or order from home.