The Jumia Mobile App
The Jumia Mobile App

Using the Jumia mobile app, you can take advantage of exclusive daily flash deals on top products, special treasure hunts with prizes, discounts, fast and free shipping, and vouchers. Jumia is Uganda’s largest online retailer.

You can shop conveniently and safely online with Jumia, Uganda’s largest online retailer, using the Jumia mobile app, where you’ll get special flash deals on top products, treasure hunts with prizes, discounts, free shipping, and vouchers.

For the most satisfactory shopping experience in Uganda, simply download the Jumia mobile app. You will enjoy hassle-free payment options, simple returns, and 100% genuine products.

Jumia, the largest online retailer in Uganda has everything you need, from clothing to electronics. Only at Jumia can you find a huge range of genuine products from both local and worldwide companies. 

Payment is made simple on the Jumia mobile app with safe payment methods like cash on delivery, mobile money, or Jumia Pay, the safe credit card payment system.

What can you buy using the Jumia mobile app?

When you download the Jumia mobile app, you can use it to search for lots of products such as:-

  • Tablets and smartphones
  • Notebooks, desktops, and laptops
  • TVs, home theatres, games, consoles, and appliances
  • Sports equipment and lifestyle goods
  • Men’s, women’s, and children’s, clothing
  • Diapers, skincare, toys, and all other baby necessities
  • Makeup, colognes, hair products, oral care, and other products for health and beauty
  • Furniture, bedding, and kitchen necessities for your home
  • Groceries.

Benefits of shopping with the Jumia Mobile App

  • Personalized shopping with a feed that is unique
  • Customer safety
  • As long as you are logged into your account, the Jumia mobile app will keep all the items in your shopping cart so that you can complete your purchase anytime.
  • Jumia’s call center will contact you as part of their order management process to let you know how your order is progressing.
  • Choose from brands like Apple, Canon, HP, Pampers, Moulinex, L’Oreal, Samsung, Tefal, and many more that are available internationally!
  • The Jumia mobile app, which operates in more than 11 African markets, is available in Arabic, English, and French. 

How to buy products using the Jumia Mobile App

  • Choose a category from the Product Catalog.
  • If you already know what you’re searching for, use the search function by entering it in the box at the top of the page. 
  • Add to Cart by clicking. Under delivery information, the estimated delivery date is shown.
  • Click the View Cart and Checkout button or the Cart icon in the top right corner of your screen depending on the item.
  • Click the Continue Shopping button.
  • Finish the payment process.

How to download and install the Jumia App on iOS and Android

The procedure to take when downloading the Jumia App is as follows:

  • Open the App Store or Google Play Store app on your smartphone.
  • Type “Jumia” in the search box.
  • Next, select Download or Install.
  • The Jumia App will then be downloaded and installed on your smartphone.

How to log in or register on the Jumia Mobile App

  • Download and open the Jumia mobile app following the steps described above
  • Select your country (Uganda) from the list
  • On the bottom left screen of the Jumia mobile app, tap on the Account tab
  • Tap on the LOGIN button on the top left and you will be redirected to the Jumia website for registration
  • Enter your email address and tap on CONTINUE to complete your login or registration
  • You can also log in or register using your phone number or your Facebook account.