Low Impact Cardio For You To Practice Anywhere Easily

Low-impact cardio exercises at home are one of the most important exercises that are widely practiced and can help you lose weight.

In this article, we will discuss low-impact cardio exercises at home for weight loss. As low impact cardio workouts are one of the most important exercises that are widely practiced. They require high effort and agility, as they raise the heart rate for a long period of time.

So, cardio exercises are considered one of the best health exercises that the human body needs. As well as cardio exercises depend largely on burning The sugar in the blood and the body to produce a large amount of energy. Therefore it is one of the best exercises to lose weight and burn fat.

Low Impact Cardio Exercises To Practice Anywhere

There is a wide range of low-impact and high-intensity cardio workouts that anyone can do. Whether for entertainment or in order to lose weight and burn accumulated fat in the body. Such as walking, climbing stairs, rowing, cycling, weight training, boxing, and kickboxing.

Walking Is One of The Low Impact Cardio Exercises

Low Impact Cardio For You To Practice Anywhere Easily

Walking is perhaps one of the best options for those who like to run, but want to limit the amount of impact they have on their bodies.

Incline walking can burn as many calories as running. It can also improve running form and muscle endurance. It also requires raising the legs up (increased leg thrust) and can help prevent overstepping (it can happen while running and cause knee pain).

The average number of calories burned in an hour of brisk walking on an incline ranges from 224-310 calories.

Stair Climbing Is One of The Low Impact Cardio at home

Low Impact Cardio For You To Practice Anywhere Easily

Climbing stairs is a great way to improve endurance in the leg muscles. It is a low impact form of cardio and can be a great way to improve endurance in the muscles in the legs and buttocks.

This exercise can make walking or hiking more enjoyable as it increases leg endurance after stair climbing training. The average number of calories burned in one hour of climbing stairs ranges from 360-520 calories.

Rowing Is One of The Low Impact Cardio Exercises


Rowing is a low impact cardio exercise that can increase leg endurance and pull strength.

Unlike other cardio exercises, rowing offers the added benefit of performing an upper body, making it a full-body workout, targeting the muscles in the legs, torso, and back (and some biceps).

The average number of calories burned in an hour of speed rowing is 420-623 calories.

Cycling Is One of The Low Impact Cardio workouts


Cycling is effective for those with knee or lower back problems. This type of low impact cardio is a great option for everyone of all fitness levels.

The low-impact nature of this exercise makes it great for beginners and individuals who may have knee or lower back issues. you can combine it with HIIT exercises to help burn more calories, and increase endurance in the lower body and arms.

The average number of calories burned on a bike is 20 to 30 calories per minute if you do a moderately brisk pace.



Weightlifting is one of the most effective low impact cardio at-home exercises for burning fat
Resistance training is an essential part of losing weight and increasing the likelihood that the weight you lose is mostly body fat.

The average number of calories burned in an hour of weight training ranges from 360-504 calories.

How Can You Do Cardio Without Any Harm?

Low Impact Cardio For You To Practice Anywhere Easily

When you want to start cardio exercises, you must first know about the exercises that are appropriate for you. As well as the movements and exercises that you should avoid, in order to get the full benefit of the exercises. You can also ask the trainer about the nature of the pain if you feel it, if it is normal or if you should stop the exercise. Many experts also recommend not to exercise during any pain. There are many ways to do cardio exercises without any harm, including:

  • You can do light cardio exercises to warm up, or you can run in a place or around the house for at least 5 minutes.
  • After you feel warm, you can stretch the tight muscles in the lower body; For example hamstrings.
  • You can perform each exercise for 30-60 seconds, moving from one exercise to the next, with a little rest time.
  • You can do one long cycle of 15 minutes for a short exercise, which you can repeat as many times as you like.
  • Finish the exercise quietly, and you can also make sure to tighten the lower body, to avoid cardio-negative effects.

Cardio-Negative Effects:

Cardio exercises are one of the exercises that can lead to an increase in some health damage and side effects. So it is recommended to consult a specialist doctor and sports coach to determine the type of exercises you should follow. Among the most prominent potential health damages are the following:

  • The feeling of tiredness, and physical and psychological exhaustion increase when you exercise excessively.
  • The possibility of losing muscle mass, especially if you do cardio exercises without getting enough calories.
  • Increasing the possibility of experiencing some muscle injuries and feeling pain as a result of excessive exercise.
  • Increased levels of stress hormones in the body, can lead to hormonal changes that affect the health of the body.

Frequently Asked Questions About Low Impact Cardio.

Do you prefer to wear athletic shoes while doing cardio?

Of course, you should rely on athletic shoes so that they do not injure the muscles and take full advantage of the cardio-type exercises that you do with them.athletic shoes

Are there any steps I should take before doing any cardio exercises?

Yes, as you must do some warm-up exercises to activate all parts of your body before doing any kind of cardio.warm up

Is there any diet that should be relied upon?

Of course, there is a wide range of health and medical advice that you must take to get the maximum benefit from cardio, and they are
as follows:
• Stay away from drinks that contain caffeine (coffee, Nescafe, and espresso).
It is forbidden to take any food or drink, even if in a small amount:
• You should try as much as possible to reduce the amount of food significantly. It advises you to allocate only two pills per day (breakfast and lunch only).

Is it preferable to stick to cardio or is it not necessary?

If you mean commitment in terms of the number of hours to practice this type of fitness exercise, it is preferable to depend on a specific period and increase with time as we explained, but on the other hand, you must commit to practicing these exercises on a daily basis, preferably from every morning