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Faridah Nampiima the Traffic Police spokesperson
Faridah Nampiima the Traffic Police spokesperson

Police have announced they will use Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) to monitor, identify, and arrest those who violate traffic laws.

Police have announced they will be imploring the use of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) to help them publicly monitor, identify and bring to book all individuals who violate traffic laws.

According to Faridah Nampiima the Traffic Police spokesperson, they will be providing a weekly report and pinning names plus number plates of vehicles that defied road laws.

“We shall continue using CCTV cameras to take action on traffic violators and update the public accordingly. Every week we shall be putting in newspapers the list of those violating traffic regulations,” said on Monday.

“To this, we shall be showing offence committed, the number plate, make and colour of the vehicle; date and time when the offence was committed, the road where it happened and the camera that captured the offence.”

The submission came after the Traffic Police spokesperson released a list of 145 number plates of vehicles that were involved in violation of traffic regulations last week. 

She said all owners of those vehicles will be expected to report to the nearest police stations to find out their penalty fines.

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“Using our cameras, the following violated traffic laws and regulations in various locations and they have been charged accordingly you are advised to report to the nearest police station and pick up your express penalty tickets for the various offences you committed,” Nampiima said.

In addition, she explained before the penalty, each individual charged will be allowed time to review the CCTV footage in which they appear to help eliminate any form of false accusations. 

She said the tactic will work for both private and government vehicles.

Nampiima outlined this has been done to help minimise the violation of traffic regulations and impunity, especially by errant drivers which have led to the number of accidents.

“By making use of CCTV cameras to check on violators of traffic regulations, police has gone a step ahead in helping reduce carnage on Ugandan roads,” she added.

This comes at a time when a traffic report for accidents between July 2nd to 9th read that a total of 328 accidents occurred during this period out of which 62 accidents were fatal, 180 were serious and 86 were minor.

There were 355 accident victims during the same period out of which 89 people died and 266 sustained injuries.