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Who is Asan Kasingye?

Who is Asan Kasingye?: Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, family, wife, tribe, Twitter, work and experience, Daughter, Son, political career, early life and education of the current Political Commissar at Uganda Police Force.

Asan Kasingye is a Ugandan Police Force officer at a Rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police, current Political Commissar at Uganda Police Force, Interpol Boss and the former police spokesperson; here he replaced the slain AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

Kasingye has been branded the Twitter Cop with more than 200,000 followers ( He’s a down to earth man, humble, humorous, and loving with an excellent spirit.

Asan Kasingye joined Twitter in 2015 while working as the director of Interpol and International Relations in the Uganda Police Force. 

At the time Kasingye said it required people to know him better and get informed on what happens in the country and around the globe.

So the easiest route was to join any social media platform, his eldest child Sandra chooses Twitter because it has more serious people. In two months, Kasingye had become a pro at Twitter.  

He’s one of the most influential Ugandans on Twitter and well-loved. Kasingye points out that one thing that has helped him gain a huge following is honesty, he speaks the truth in every post even though it’s a joke.

Secondly, his engagement with the youth, since 80 per cent of social media users are youth Kasingye interacts with them so much even on a personal level. 

He adds that he closed the communication gap that was lacking in the Force, they too needed information and answers to some questions.

At some point, many people thought Kasingye didn’t run his Twitter platform personally because they expected a very serious man to be a policeman.

Kasingye is the true definition of a genuine Police Officer. One time he jumped out of his car on Kinawataka road during a terrible traffic jam at night and served as a traffic officer. 

He’s always happy when people call in appreciating his service and when he meets people appreciating police service in Uganda.

Early Life and Education

Asan Kasingye was born on March 23, 1964 in Kibingo Hill Village, Sheema District to Robinah and John Kairukabi. Kasingye is the firstborn to a family of 12, eight boys and four girls. However, one of the girls passed on.

Kasingye attended Kibingo Primary School, then St Andrew Kaggwa High School Bushenyi for his secondary school education.

Thereafter, Kasingye got admitted to Makerere University graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Political Science.

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Currently, Kasingye is the Political Commissar at the Uganda Police Force. He joined the force in 1986 and has worked there until now.

Work and Experience 

Asan Kasingye joined Uganda Police Force in 1986 and has been serving the force to date. Kasingye has served the Force in different capacities; he has been the Interpol boss, police spokesperson and political commissar in his current office.

Kasingye who has served in the Police Force for more than 30 years is the Chairman Uganda Police Football Club and the former Twitter enthusiast who serves as the President for Ugandans on Twitter

He was succeeded by Patrick Kanyomozi on July 10, 2021, after serving for two years. However, there has been controversy about his Twitter handle with many contemplating whether it’s personal or an official handle.

Kasingye in March 2021 was fined Shs2.5m, alongside suspension threats from participating in both national and international football activities for six months by the ethics and disciplinary committee of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA).  

This followed Kasingye’s alleged misconduct during the Uganda Premier League (UPL) game between Police FC and Vipers SC. It is alleged that the centre referee who was conducting the match at the time allegedly made an error and sent out the Police goalkeeper an act that irritated Kasingye.

Kasingye who grew bitter, migrated his anger from the pitch to his Twitter handle where he cautioned the league organizers to give the trophy straight to Vipers, saying they’re just wasting their money and time participating in the league.

 “This is the order of the day for Vipers SC. It’s too much. We can’t keep looking on as they rape the beautiful game. Someone must stop this madness. Corruption in football has gone beyond. Vipers, together with your hired refs, shame on you,” added Kasingye.

AIGP Asan Kasingye got the idea of joining the Uganda Police service during his study at Makerere University Kampala (MUK). 

Kasingye narrates that in 1986 just after the NRA war; many government officials would come and lure them into joining public service institutions because they were wanted.

As a result, when Kasingye finished university in 1988, they sat for public service interviews and eventually in March 1989, he joined the Police Force. Kasingye did the training at Kibuli Police Training School till December the same year.

Kasingye dislikes people who join the police with personal intentions. For instance, a police officer shooting people to death using a gun to rob others, drunkenness, personal agendas irritates Kasingye a lot and makes him ashamed of wearing the same uniform.

However, Kasingye says when he retires from police service, he will focus on his farm in Mbarara and take care of his banana plantation, cows and also engage in poultry farming. 

He also wants to be a motivational speaker during his retirement period for youths and more so being an active church member and growing his relationship with God.


Asan Kasingye is married with five children; two girls and three boys and grandchildren. He married his wife on September 14, 1991, at only 25 years of age in an arranged marriage by his parents to a girl who had just completed her secondary school. 

Kasingye is a very good cook. This is because his mother taught him that having produced eight boys before a girl came in and he also used to cook for himself before marriage. 

He prefers a nice meal of matooke and chicken.

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In July of 2021, Patrick Kanyomozi succeeded Asan as the President for Ugandans on Twitter, who had previously served for two years.


Asan Kasingye is a sports person, so in his free time, he watches football particularly when his team is playing. He’s a great supporter of Police FC and he has been its chairman for 10 years. 

Before, Kasingye was an ardent supporter of SC Villa, a football team that made him like football.

Outside Uganda, Kasingye supports Arsenal F.C, a football club he has supported since 1995. He began supporting Arsenal the time he went to the UK for police training and he was inducted into the club by his colleagues.

Kasingye gets extremely happy when his football club wins, particularly when Arsenal beats Manchester United. Additionally sitting and interacting with fellow police officers.

He also listens to music during his free time. 

Kasingye enjoys Rema Namakula because of her beautiful voice and Juliana Kanyomozi because she’s such a graceful woman who respects herself; she never gets involved in scandals. Kasingye is also a fan of David LutaloBebe Cool and Ykee Benda.