bebe cool and bobi wine campaign trials
Bebe Cool said that he will do his best to ensure Bobi Wine does not become the next president. FILE PHOTO

Bebe Cool claims many of Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine’s supporters have died on his campaign trials because they are on drugs.

Long time serving musician, Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has once again aimed to dig at musician turned politician, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine claiming that most of his supporters are on drugs.

Bebe Cool made the remarks on Thursday while appearing on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze show. He explained that it is the reason why most of Kyagulanyi’s supporters have died on his campaign trials.

“Bobi Wine has lost so many of his people on the campaign trail because they are on drugs,” said Bebe Cool who is also a long time supporter of NRM and President Museveni.

For long, Bebe has locked horns with Bobi Wine both as a musician and now as a politician. To take the beef even forward, Bebe Cool said that he will do his best to ensure the NUP presidential aspirant does not become the next president.

To make this possible, Bebe Cool said that he is going to commence holding mass rallies to entice people to vote and support NRM. 

bebe cool and bobi wine campaign trials
Bebe Cool said that he will do his best to ensure Bobi Wine does not become the next president. FILE PHOTO

The ‘Wire Wire’ hitmaker highlighted that Ugandans think that Bobi Wine is a god but he is only applying tactics he acquired from him while still a musician.

 “I haven’t held any rallies. I am doing a procession. If I am taken to court for it, I am ready. I am doing this as Bebe Cool (procession), which has undone the Bobi Wine factor. People thought Bobi Wine is a god in Arua. Wine is using my tactics in the music industry in politics,” Bebe Cool claimed.

“I am very sure that if the police come for me for holding processions, the next person behind me is Bobi Wine. As for me, I am only breaking the Ministry of Health SOPs. For Bobi Wine, he is breaking the EC guidelines as well,” he added.

Bebe Cool further mentioned that because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, President Museveni decided not to conduct mass rallies but now the opposition thinks that he has no support.

He mentioned that he decided to rise as an NRM diehard supporter to prove to the world that NRM and President Museveni still have support.

“I know what is going to happen post elections if I sit back. There are guidelines for candidates. One candidate is keeping 200 people, and the other candidate is organizing rallies. Bobi Wine could use that if he loses elections in 2021. I said let me collect myself as NRM supporter to show the world that NRM and President Museveni have support.”

On his Silent Majority push, Bebe Cool said that he created the slogan because of a certain category of people who keep quiet and react last minute.

Bebe Cool explained that just like Bobi Wine he too grew up from the Ghetto in Kanyanya but over the years he has tried to transform his life.

“I am one of the brightest people. I will never open all my cards. After January 14th, 2021, that is when we will know, “Were these fans or voters?”

“I grew up in the ghetto of Kanyanya. It should be the pride of this country that I have worked my way out. I am proving that you can work hard and make your way out of the ghetto,” Bebe Cool mentioned.

Bebe Cool further added that it is because of the silent majority that President Yoweri Museveni has already scooped 60% of the votes.

Meanwhile, Harold Kaija the deputy secretary-general of FDC party was also part of the talk show. He questioned why Bebe Cool a musician is making himself very active in politics when elites in NRM are quiet.

“Why is it that the NRM elites are quiet, and it is Bebe Cool coming to speak for them? Are you still ‘Silent Majority’ or you have a new entity?,” he said adding that the ‘Silent Majority’ exits to get money dished out by President Museveni.