Owiny-Dollo apologizes to Kabaka in Mengo (1)
Alfonse Owiny Dollo, the chief justice of Buganda, apologized publicly to the kingdom on Wednesday after making comments about it. FILE PHOTO

On Wednesday, Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo officially apologized for remarks he made about the Buganda Kingdom during a courtesy visit to Bulange Mengo.

Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo Wednesday paid a courtesy visit to Buganda Kingdom Headquarters in Bulange Mengo to officially issue his apology over comments he raised about the kingdom.

Dollo arrived at Bulange in the company of former Uganda People’s Congress party President Olara Otunu and was received by Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga.

For the past one week, the Chief Justice has faced criticism from a number of Ugandans over comments he made referring to the Baganda as a wicked group.

The CJ’s comments stemmed from a protest by some Ugandans in the diaspora against the expenditure of nearly UGX 2 Billion to fly the late Speaker abroad for treatment yet the regime has done very little to improve healthcare facilities back in Uganda.

On this, many were also overheard saying that taxpayers’ money was wasted in treating and transporting Oulanyah to the United States yet he still died, a statement that was not well received by CJ Dollo who was quick to say it was made by the Baganda yet the Kabaka was also transported to Germany for treatment in the same manner but no Muganda rose to complain about tax payers’ money.

“But you, you, you who were demonstrating… your ethnic leader was transported in a presidential jet to Germany using private funds he was not entitled. You did not demonstrate,” Dollo was quoted.

“Is it because Oulanyah is an Acholi? Is it because Oulanyah doesn’t speak your language? Only a wicked person can fight a person who is fighting for his life,” he added.

The statements, however, called for alarm from many of the Kabaka’s cadres including the Buganda Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga who refuted the allegations earlier saying that he (the Kabaka) used the KLM plane and not the presidential jet as CJ Dollo claims.

“Death causes shock, grief and anguish and it often makes emotions run high. However, just for the record, when the Kabaka flew to Germany in August, 2021, he didn’t fly by the presidential jet but by KLM,” Mayiga said.

“The kingdom of Buganda joins all Ugandans in mourning the untimely death of the Rt Hon Jacob Oulanyah who was a consummate politician and legislator,” he added further.

Others including the National Unity Platform party president, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu also challenged the Chief Justice to prove to Ugandans what criteria he used to conclude that all the said protesters were Baganda. 

Kyagulanyi who disregarded Justice Dollo’s accusations said he should show decency and apologise not only to the Buganda Kingdom but the nation as a whole for being a liar.

“I watched the Chief Justice of Uganda, Mr. Owiny Dollo referring to the people of Buganda as ‘wicked lumpens’ with shock. He did not stop there but went ahead to contemptuously attack the King of Buganda as an “ethnic leader,” and warn that the region cannot produce a leader that will appeal to the rest of the country,” Kyagulanyi said.

“So, for the Chief Justice to suggest that ‘wicked’ Baganda contributed to the Speaker’s death is most unfortunate. If Mr. Owiny Dollo had any decency left in him, the moral thing for him to do would be to apologise to the nation, as well as to His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda, whom he lied about and accused of flying in a presidential jet,” he added.