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FDC fronts Denis Dick Owani for the Omoro County by-election
Denis Dick Owani has been selected as the Forum for Democratic Change's candidate in the upcoming by-election in Omoro County.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party unveiled Denis Dick Owani as its candidate for the upcoming Omoro County by-election.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party Friday unveiled Denis Dick Owani as the party’s flag bearer in the upcoming Omoro County by-election next month.

In an unveiling that was held at the party offices in Najjanankumbi, Ayo Mercy was also granted the party ticket to stand as the District councillor for the Lalogi Lakwaya sub-county.

Speaking shortly after the unveiling, the party president Patrick Oboi Amuriat said they are optimistic that the two candidates can bring victory to their party.

“Our structure campaign will be coordinated By Hon O’jara PP. Okin the MP for Chua West. Selfless leaders are found in FDC,” Amuriat campaigned.

This comes just days after the leading opposition party, the National Unity Platform (NUP) also unveiled their flag bearer, Tolit Simon Akena, for the same seat. Tolit represented Omoro in the 8th Parliament on the FDC ticket.

Other opposition parties that so far fronted candidates include the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) which announced Kiiza Oscar as their party’s candidate for the forthcoming by-election. 

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The Democratic Party (DP) is yet to unveil its candidate although their party spokesperson Okoler Lo Amanu, earlier on called on interested candidates to put in their requests.

Meanwhile, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) was the first to announce late speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s sonAndrew Ojok, as their candidate.

Speaking in front of five more NRM aspirants who had expressed interest in taking up the position, Museveni who fronted Ojok said in memory of what the late Jacob Oulanyah did, it is decent enough to front one of his children to complete his five-year term.

“The decent thing to do is to let one of the children of Oulanyah stand in for him, for the remaining 4 years,” Museveni said adding that is then that they will determine whether he has been useful or useless to the party and the position as a whole,’’ Museveni said then.

The Omoro position fell vacant following the death of Jacob Oulanyah last month in Seattle, United States. Oulanyah who was on April 8th laid to rest in his home district succumbed to multi-organ failure according to the health minister Jane Ruth Aceng.

With now plans to appoint his replacement already in full gear, the Electoral Commission roadmap reads that nomination of candidates will be conducted between 12th and 13th May 2022 at Omoro District Council Hall and campaign meetings for candidates to be held from 16th to 24th May 2022 ahead of the election on May 26, 2022.