Gen Elly Tumwine is not dead and fake death reports
Gen Elly Tumwine

Several Ugandans on social media have expressed their jubilation over the rumours of the death of retired Ugandan military officer and former security minister Elly Tumwine.

A family member of retired Ugandan military officer and former Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine has expressed dissatisfaction with the manner in which several Ugandans are ecstatic over the death rumours surrounding him on social media.

Since last week, different social media pages have been spreading rumours that General Elly Tuwmine is dead. In response, many individuals for days, have been posting images in celebration of the allegations.

Responding to this, however, General Tumwine’s relatives have castigated Ugandans for the act saying that it is not a good gesture.

“Adversity will teach you so much about human nature. That said I wouldn’t wish the last 24 hours on anyone. Time travel needs to undo social media because it’s currently in the pits. God is faithful regardless though. We give him praise,” Tumwine’s daughter Cynthia tweeted.

“On behalf of the family of Gen. Tumwine, we hereby dispel rumours circulating on social media in regards to his health and well-being. Thank you for the love and prayers,” she added.

Her comments come at a time when the former minister was on Thursday last week airlifted to Nairobi for treatment in a critical phase with many close sources saying he is battling cancer.

A family source told New Vision that Gen Tumwine had been struggling with cancer-related complications.

Speaking last week, the UPDF spokesperson Brig Gen Felix Kulayigye refuted the death rumours surrounding the General. 

He, however, called on Ugandans to show a sign of humanity to the family now that they are going through a trying moment.

“If modernity is equivalent to wizardly, then I would rather remain backward. In a society with norms, NO one wishes another dead!!! But some people are going to great lengths to declare the living, and dead! What a shame!!!!!” the UPDF spokesperson tweeted.


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