John Blaq attend Rema introduction
John Blaq speaks out on his dress code at Rema's introduction - I also wanted to slay. Photo/Facebook

Artist John Blaq was named the worst dressed person at Rema’s introduction ceremony by social media

John Blaq was named the worst dressed person – On 14th November, singer Rema Namakula introduced her new man Dr Hamza Ssebunya at a function held in Nabbingo.

At the ceremony, were very many socialites and celebrities including other musicians turned up to celebrate with their colleague.

However, after the event, many Ugandans went to social media to grade musicians and celebrities dress codes that day.

This was coupled with images and also grading them in particular categories including best dressed and worst dressed artists.

Meanwhile, on many people’s mouths and media accounts, John Blaq real names John Kashada was the talk of the day for his embarrassing outfits.

John Blaq wore casually for a day when one is expected to at least don on a Kanzu or a suit. He donned on a black checked long-sleeved shirt with a black trouser and Timberland shoes.

However, the fresh musician has come out to explain his dress code that day stating that he had just returned from a show upcountry and the ceremony had already started so it was impossible for him to first go home and change.

John Blaq said in an interview on UBC’s Horizon Vibe show on Saturday adding that he was very eager to attend Rema introduction but the traffic jam also on that day prohibited him from rushing back home and then embark on the same long journey to the venue.

“I also wanted to slay. However, when I returned, it was running later. There was too much traffic yet I wanted to be there but I couldn’t go home to dress up and then go for the Kwanjula. I had to show up that way,” he said in an interview.

Rema finally introduced husband Sebunya in a lavishing million-dollar ceremony held in Nabbingo after long months of preparations.

Throughout the whole ceremony, Rema and Hamzah changed into different outfits however at the end of it all the couple looked adorable with their matching dazzling blue clothes.

Meanwhile, before that, the latter had worn a beautiful shiny green court on top of a white kanzu while the former also didn’t look different as she had worn a green gomesi to match in colour with the latter’s coat.

The two later as the function went on, Dr Hamza changed into a brown coat but maintained the white kanzu while Rema changed to a sparkling colourless gomesi with pink stripes.

At the same ceremony, Hamza gifted Rema with two guitars personalized with their photos as a sign of appreciation to her for the great love.

Unlike most ‘kwanjula’ ceremonies that have an open invitation for the village mates of the bride, this was completely different as the doors were only open to those with invitation cards.

Rema’s introduction ceremony was graced by many socialities including Kirumira and other artists like Naava Grey, Jose Chameleon, Winnie Nwagi and NBS TV’s Zahara Toto among others.

By John Dalton Kigozi