Kasaija Warns West Nile Not to Use Politics for Monetary Gain
Kasaija made the remarks during a speech at the West Nile Investment Summit in the Nebbi district. FILE PHOTO

Minister of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development, Matia Kasaija has urged West Nile leaders not to treat politics as a means to become rich.

Matia Kasaija, Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, has warned leaders in West Nile that the political sector should not be viewed as an avenue for becoming rich.

Kasaija made the remarks while speaking at the West Nile Investment Summit in the Nebbi district. He said Uganda as a country particularly in the West Nile region is endowed with a number of resources. 

He challenged area mates to embrace other sectors including that of manufacturing to help them better utilise the resources available at their disposal.

“Once we get our people into manufacturing, our people will get money. If you think you are going to make money in politics, you are lying to yourself.”

“I have never seen a country more endowed than Uganda with the resources we have. I want to challenge you all to invest and make money. We have all the resources we need. Let’s take advantage of these and develop this country,” Kasaija said.

In addition, he appealed to the leaders to encourage their area mates to also take advantage of poverty-fighting ventures including the Parish Development Model (PDM).

“I am inviting you all to be agents of change and there is capacity to make money and government has done enough in putting up ventures like the PDM,” Kasaija added.

Meanwhile, the state minister in charge of Privatisation and Investment, Evelyn Anite said the focus will be extended to selective items including honey because the region has for long been known to produce and manufacture good honey. 

“We are going to focus our people on majorly four sectors. One of them is honey; there is no better honey in the world than the one in West Nile. This summit is about money; let us make money. I know all the 11 districts of West Nile by heart,” Anite noted.

On her side, the state minister for Northern Uganda, Grace Kwiyucwiny commended President Museveni for coming up with initiatives including the Parish Development Model (PDM)

She promised they would work closely with the people to ensure they embrace it for their transformation.

“I want to thank this community that has given us land. We have labour, and we have resources, able-bodied men. We should stop romancing poverty. We should start thinking big,” Kwiyucwiny raised.