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King Saha’s Nomination says Aganaga Khalifa
Khalifa says Bebe Cool has a personal grudge against the soft-spoken musician, claiming that is why he hasn't respected the nomination.

‘Kalifah Aganaga’ aka Mukiibi Sadat has lashed out at fellow singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool over statements he made about King Saha’s nomination for the next Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) president.

Musician Mukiibi Sadat commonly known by his stage name Kalifah Aganaga has lashed out at fellow singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool over statements he raised about King Saha’s nomination to become the next president of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA).

Earlier on after King Saha had expressed interest in the UMA position, Bebe Cool was quick to mention that he (Saha) was not a fit candidate for the position over allegations that he is a drug addict.

Bebe Cool who also rushed to his social media platform to show his side issued a statement nominating Maurice Kirya for the position.

“I always mind several things when choosing a leader and a few of them my brother Maurice Kirya has for UMA president. He is educated, displined,good conduct, experience, approachable, open minded,welcoming, always listens,taba muntalotalo,exposure, age,and the ability to unite both those who like and don’t like you,” Bebe Cool said.

“Dear brother, I with due respect request you to accept my proposal for you to be the new UMA president because am sure so many artists in Uganda will agree with me on this,” he added fronting Maurice Kirya.

However, in response, Khalifa has indicated that Bebe Cool has a personal grudge against the soft-spoken musician insisting that it is the reason he has not respected his nomination.

“Bebe Cool is just jealousy he has his personal grievances against King Saha. Saha is a good leader and we all know he will lead us very well. He is eligible, some of us who got a chance to work with him, we know how good he is,” Aganaga said.

Meanwhile, about two musicians including King Saha and Cindy Sanyu have so far picked nomination forms to battle for the UMA presidency. Saha’s nomination, however, has brought excitement among many Ugandans saying that he is one individual musician should vote for. 

Others including the Mityana legislator, Hon Francis Zaake have also reacted in support of Saha’s nomination saying that he is one person who always stands up to defend the oppressed.

“A good musician is not just the kind that only minds about himself but rather the kind that voices concerns of his people. King Saha stands with the oppressed that’s why we too stand with him. With him in control as UMA president, our industry shall be in the right hands. It’s time to revolutionize UMA!,” Zaake wrote on his Facebook page.