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kampala uganda luwombo restaurants

Visiting these best Luwombo restaurants in Kampala is a great way to try this much-loved luwombo dish. Luwombo is Uganda’s primary traditional cuisine.

You should visit these best luwombo restaurants in Kampala if you’re curious to try this much-loved luwombo dish. Luwombo is Uganda’s main traditional cuisine

For those that aren’t familiar, it’s a dish in which chicken, beef, ground nuts, dry fish, and any other sauce are steamed over matooke and wrapped in banana leaves. Today we can find several Luwombo restaurants in Kampala.

Luwombo is regarded as a royal dish, although it can also be cooked in any household or home. In Uganda, it’s usually prepared on special days such as holidays, wedding ceremonies, and kwanjula (giveaway ceremonies). 

The ingredients used are everyday ingredients such as beef, chicken, beef, and goat. What makes it rather special is the fact that it’s cooked using banana leaf, a technique that makes it taste so nice.

Try these best luwombo restaurants in Kampala if you want to try this much-loved dish.

2K Restaurant

luwombo restaurants kampala uganda

2K Restaurant is located on Hoima Rd, Kampala. Their luwombo foods are finger-licking and affordable with a plate of goat luwombo costing only UGX 25,000. Chicken special grilled goes for UGX 27,000. 

It is nutritious to taste because it is soft and expertly grilled at a moderate temperature. Other luwombo dishes served at 2K restaurant include fish mixed in Gnuts luwombo, beef stew, chapati, and pilao rice. 

On the side, customers can order drinks such as passion fruit juice and watermelon juice, cocktails, and African spiced tea.

Customers can order their food online and have it delivered instantly using the food delivery app Jumia.

Although there aren’t many parking spots, the attendants are quite helpful. It’s a fantastic location for family outings.

Feedrite Restaurant

Feedrite Restaurant

The Feedrite restaurant in Kamwokya is open every day until 4 am. This makes it the perfect place to grab a late-night meal after a party before going to bed.

They serve a variety of luwombo with vegetarian options. These include very fresh beans, fresh peas, and nuts among others.

If you’re from Ntinda, they also have a location in Bukoto across from the Kirabo Complex. This location offers dry cleaning services in addition to local foods and fresh juices.

Zone 7

Zone 7 has a tranquil setting with a cool atmosphere. It’s situated on Mutungo-Bugolobi Road. It’s also near the former Bugolobi soap factory.

This bar and restaurant prepare almost every kind of African and Ugandan dish you can think of. The menu includes goat, fish, and chicken luwombo, chips, chicken, pizza, pork, rice, Irish, matooke, and pilao. They serve an array of drinks including juices and alcoholic drinks.

Aside from having a nice luwombo, it’s a nice location with relaxing music, a convenient parking area, and a washing station that makes it ideal for family outings.

Olive Gardens Hotel

As much as this is more of an accommodation facility, they prepare tasty Ugandan local dishes. It’s a much better alternative to the much more expensive hotels in the central district.

The hotel with a restaurant is located on Plot 1, 3 Luthuli Dr, Kampala. They have well-trained chefs that are guaranteed to satisfy guests with their Luwombo menu. Guests can enjoy their meals outdoors in their serene and green environment, far away from the noises of Kampala city.

Olive’s Garden Hotel is the place to be especially for people touring the country. Maybe you want to taste Ugandan food and also sleep comfortably in an area close to town. 


Ibamba is located at 7 Kira Rd, Kampala. It is uncommon to come across restaurants that offer a buffet till 4 o’clock. However, you’ll be amazed at how many people find it easy and convenient to swing by Ibamba and get something to eat between 2:00 and 4:00.

The restaurant is well known for preparing popular Luwombo foods like sweet potato, cassava, pumpkin matooke, goat’s meat, and chicken among others. They ensure to prepare them to perfection and can be eaten at any time of day. 

Luwombo however is offered Monday through Friday apart from Sunday. The crowds here are mainly locals. A plate of food goes for only UGX 25,000 while other meals cost about UGX 15,000.

They are open on weekdays including Saturday but closed on Sunday.

Baguma Restaurant Kampala

Baguma restaurant is a family business named after the owner, Baguma. It has more than one branch in Kampala and others in Mbarara and surrounding districts. 

There’s one particular branch that’s located in a quiet and conducive place in Nakasero close to the state house.

It’s a nice place to have all your local Ugandan meals and foods from western Uganda and Buganda. We recommend visiting if you want to try some nice goat soup (embuzi ya boil) or luwombo fish, and chicken. This is the best place to go.

Their seating favours groups and people with large families. They also cater to special functions such as birthdays and party meetings.

Shaka Zulu Foods

Shaka Zulu Foods is looking located on Campling Rd, Kampala

Their menu includes chicken luwombo at UGX 25,000. It consists of steamed chicken in banana leaves. There are goats pilao at UGX 25,000. It includes fried rice and goat meat

Beef luwombo is more affordable at Shaka Zulu Foods going for only UGX 20,000. Smoked fish luwombo goes for UGX 25,000 and fresh beans are at UGX 15,000.

Shaka Zulu Foods also offers a breakfast menu with katogo offals, Rolex, Spanish omelette, beef and vegetable sambusas including black tea and African tea.

It’s a good place to eat Ugandan food in Kampala. The place is open every day, including public holidays.

Spectrum at Labonita

Platinum House, 10, Plot 3 Colville St, Kampala. The best restaurant in Kampala, providing dishes from American, Chinese, Indian, African, Australian, and Asian cuisines, is this one. 

We strongly advise anyone visiting Kampala to join them for dinner at Theatre La Bonita Kampala Uganda.

The luwombo at Spectrum is the best because there are so many alternatives. Some Indian foods are mixed in with traditional cuisine making it taste so unique.

And, although the food is quite expensive, you’ll love the taste of what’s served. No one will be disappointed if you take your family there for a Luwombo weekend.

St Anthony’s Restaurant

St Anthony’s Restaurant is highly recognized for its amazing luwombo dishes. They are located at 22 Lumumba Ave, Kampala.

When viewed from Lumumba Avenue, this tiny eatery that is close to the French Embassy is not particularly exciting. 

However, this business is also known for its robust native cuisine (katogo, matooke, posho, Kalo and is especially well known for its luwombo, which is a favourite with expatriates and local office workers (meat or fish stewed in banana leaves).

They are open Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 11 pm. The restaurant is however closed on Sunday. For a taste of the luwombo dish, visitors can expect to pay between UGX 20,000 and UGX 30,000.


luwombo restaurants uganda

The Luwombo dish was created in 1887 by a personal chef to Kabaka Mwanga, a king who ruled over the Buganda Kingdom at the end of the 19th century. The king had 16 wives and 10 children all of whom this dish was prepared for because it was considered a royal dish.

Today plenty of restaurants that serve luwombo in Kampala can be visited by everyone that wants to have a taste of the famous traditional and royal dish. 

This dish makes everyday food taste so different in the best way. You should order it someday at any of the restaurants we’ve listed.