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Extreme Adventure Park in Uganda (1)
Located in Busika, Gayaza, about an hour’s drive from Kampala, this park is frequented by individuals, groups of friends, families, corporates, some of the world's most prominent politicians, and numerous foreign tourists.

A variety of outdoor activities are offered at Uganda’s Extreme Adventure Park, the largest leisure park in Uganda. Situated in Busika, Gayaza, about an hour’s drive from Kampala, this park is frequented by individuals, groups of friends, families, corporations and prominent world leaders.

The Extreme Adventure Park is Uganda’s largest leisure park, offering thrills and excitement in a variety of outdoor activities. 

It is located in Busika, Gayaza, about an hour’s drive from Kampala. Many individuals, groups, families, corporations, and politicians from around the world use the park.

Why visit Extreme Adventure Park

The park provides a wonderful setting and location to rest the mind, with a variety of activities and games to enhance the experience.

Activities at the park

Swimming: While swimming, you get to enjoy a little banter with friends, a lot of water spills and a great deal of relaxation. The swimming pool is large and clean, with changing rooms nearby where you can dress up for your swimming venture.

Events: With a large outdoor and indoor setting, Extreme Adventure Park offers ample space for weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers, engagements, graduation parties and photoshoots.

For an outdoor event, there is an option of various gardens; poolside, extreme or Autumn gardens. Indoor events can be held in the park’s conference hall. 

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Nature walk: The lush green scenery offers an opportunity for walks around the park. 

Fun games at the park

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Paintball: In this game, people use air guns and paint-filled capsules to fight each other as if they were in the military. 

Extreme Adventure Park provides a nice course with different barriers so that you can enjoy this exciting game. Paintball costs UGX 40,000 for adults and UGX 35,000 for kids.

Zip liningZip lining is a fun and safe outdoor leisure activity. It consists of riding a steel cable on a protected seat or belt between two points, typically in an area with breath-taking scenery. 

At Extreme Adventure Park, Ziplining is done together with the high ropes challenge and costs UGX 70,0000 for adults and UGX 60,000 for kids. Independent ziplining costs UGX 35,000 for adults and UGX 30,000 for kids. 

Archery: Archery is the art or sport of shooting arrows. Here, you are handed a bow and some arrows plus an ideal target then you can start shooting. At a fee of UGX 30,000 for both adults and kids, you get 5 rounds of shooting. 

Quad biking: This is an adrenaline-raising activity to enjoy while at Extreme Adventure Park.

Experience a robust vehicle that is capable of traversing any terrain for a day of adventure. While quad biking, you can make several stops along the trails to enjoy the spectacular views of the area around.

For 20 minutes, adults and children pay UGX 80,000. For 1 hour, it costs UGX 190,000 and UGX 260,000 for 2 hours.

High ropes challenge: There are three levels of high-ropes obstacle courses. Bring your family and your group of friends to an adrenaline rush game that challenges your physical and mental fortitude, as well as your spirit. 

The course can feel like a workout, and you’ll quickly be gliding along as you’re challenged by each obstacle. Even if it’s difficult, the team at the park make sure you have all the enjoyment you desire.

However, before participating in this challenge, you are given a consent form to sign which makes it clear that you are taking part in this activity at your own free will, among other things.

Bungee trampoline: Here, a participant dons a trampoline harness before being attached to multiple bungee ropes. These ropes are tied to poles or bars so that participants can perform jumps, flips, and ascend to great heights.

How to get to Extreme Adventure Park in Uganda

From the centre of Kampala, take the Gayaza-Kampala Road and then turn left on the Gayaza-Zirobwe road. Keep going straight on the same road until you reach the town of Busika. 

At Busika, turn right and go about 1 km away from the Gayaza-Zirobwe road. You’ll go past the trading centre and turn right after 400 metres. The place you want to go will be on the right.

If you get lost in Busiika town, you can easily use Google Maps to find your way to the park.

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Meals/Dining at the park

The Ropes restaurant at Extreme Adventure Park is conveniently placed, overlooking the high ropes obstacle course. 

The restaurant has a seating capacity of eighty people and provides both a dining and lounge area. The menu includes local, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. 

For group dinners, the restaurant also offers buffet and platter options. The opening hours are 7:30a.m to 9:00 pm.

The pool restaurant and bar offer light meals, snacks and beverages in a tranquil, picturesque location. This outdoor patio overlooking the pool and sculpted rock gardens is great for poolside dining, cocktail gatherings, and special occasions. 


Extreme Adventure Park offers a variety of accommodation options. From cottages to standard rooms, caravans to camping tents.


If you want to spend the night at Extreme Adventure Park, you can choose from a number of cosy, well-furnished cottages that are self-contained. 

They are self-catering, so you will need to bring your own food, which you can cook in the well-equipped kitchen. But if you let the site chef know ahead of time, he or she can take care of all your meals. 

At night, a bonfire is set up for guests to relax, tell stories, and talk with other guests if they want to.

The Family Cottage is set up like a house and has two large bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. The master bedroom has a private bathroom and a second bathroom for guests. 

The house is big enough for 4 people to sleep comfortably. It costs UGX 700,000 per night. 

Standard single room

The Standard Single Room contains a queen-sized bed and is suitable for both business and pleasure stays. 

This accommodation type has a contemporary bathroom, ample space, and a shared balcony with seating for relaxing. It costs UGX 300,000 per night. 

Standard double room

In the standard double room, there are two beds of the same size. This type of room is nicely decorated and has a modern bathroom, air conditioning and shared tea/coffee-making facilities. 

There is just enough room for two people and a relaxing sitting area on a shared balcony. It costs UGX 350,000 per night.


Extreme Adventure Park is a great place to camp outdoors. With a large secluded campsite, camp lovers get to enjoy the convenience of a calm private setting. The campground has restrooms and a large campfire site too. 

The Ropes restaurant, which serves meals to groups of up to 50 campers, is conveniently placed on the site. The camping experience comes at a cost of UGX 150,000.


The Queen-size bed in the Caravan is suitable for a leisurely stay. As a separate lodging option, the caravan experience provides all guests with an out-of-the-ordinary stay. 

The caravan is furnished with a queen-sized bed, a bathroom, a sitting area, and a kitchenette. The addition of a miniature private gazebo has increased privacy to this accommodation option. 

The caravan experience costs UGX 380,000.

How to make reservations

It is best to make your reservation prior to your visit. Booking can be done online or by phone call. At the time of booking, you pay a 50% deposit to secure your spot so that the team can plan for your stay.