Bobi Wine to NUP MPs 40M Betrayal of the Voters (1)
Bobi Wine, the NUP's party president, attacked his party members who accepted and received sh40 million from Parliament, calling it a betrayal of the voters. PHOTO/COURTESY

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, the President of National Unity Platform (NUP), has taken aim at his party members who accepted and received Sh40m from Parliament.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) party President Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has aimed a dig at his party members who accepted and received sh40m from Parliament saying it was a sign of betrayal to the voters.

Bobi Wine made the remarks during the function to remember the late Ffeffekka Serubogo Muhammad, the former LCV Chairperson of Kayunga District who succumbed last year.

He questioned why his colleagues went on to accept to receive the money yet on consulting him as the party President, he had advised them not to receive it.

“These MPs came to me and said they received the money and I advised them to return the money but later they told the people that they never received the money. Why should I spend time defending you (the MPs) before Ugandans? I want to tell you. Whoever took Shs 40 million bribe will answer the questions personally,” Bobi Wine questioned.

He said it is very disturbing that most leaders after they were voted into office, have forgotten the main reason for voting for them. 

Bobi Wine said NUP was victorious in the 2021 general elections which also saw the party register the biggest number of legislators in Parliament but raised it is sad to see that many of the people who were voted are now accepting bribes from the ruling party, NRM.

“Museveni stole the victory of the people of Uganda. He goes around bribing leaders. I was striving to explain an issue where MPs were given a bribe of shs 40 million. This is very sad,” Bobi Wine said.

“We are all captives; the country is under siege. We are slaves in our country ladies and gentlemen. I have always told the leaders that our mission is to liberate this country and I always told them that we are the servants of the people. We as leaders agreed to speak the same language. The question is, ‘are we still speaking the same language?’,” he questioned further.

Members of Parliament were last month reportedly paid Shs40m each in a deal that involved approval of a supplementary request, including Shs77b for State House.

The figure raised comments from many Ugandans questioning why the government could pass such a lucrative budget to one side when many Ugandans continue to ravage in extreme poverty.