MTN Uganda Mi-Fi with Power-bank (1)

MTN Uganda has launched a new 4-in-1 MiFi and power bank that offers reliable internet connectivity plus 5000mAh of power. 

The new 4G 2-in-1 MiFi & power bank from MTN Uganda is now available in all MTN Shops and offers a reliable internet connection in addition to a 5000mAh power bank. 

One of the best things about modern life is having access to the internet and, of course, staying online for extended periods without the battery dying in the middle of browsing. 

Smartphone batteries endure evident strain as speedier 4G networks take off and quickly run out, turning off the fun, which causes the user to experience an intense longing for a smooth internet connection. 

Unfortunately, despite becoming more robust than ever, MiFi batteries still can’t meet the needs of the majority of users. Power banks are necessary as external assistance. 

Stay Connected with the MTN MiFi

Anyone who uses a phone will tell you that their greatest worry is ever running out of battery. Additionally, it’s critical to stay “connected” in order to maintain contact with friends, family, and coworkers.

A MiFi and a separate power bank had to be carried around by people, but thanks to MTN Uganda, which introduced a two-in-one MiFi and power bank, the days of carrying around two large devices are finally over.

Users will be able to stay linked to their jobs and stay up to date with all the internet activity and news thanks to the device. 

The product, according to MTN Uganda, was developed in response to complaints from consumers who grumbled about having to carry hefty power banks and MiFis separately.

Features of the MTN MiFi

MTN Uganda Mi-Fi with Power-bank (1)

The MTN MiFi offers secured login credentials and can connect up to 10 separate devices using the fastest 4G or LTE network. 

The MTN MiFi also features a strong 5,000 mAh power bank to keep your internet up and running when you need it. The MTN MiFi also has a 1.5-inch screen.

The MTN MiFi is a must-have for everyone who has a smartphone or works remotely or on the go. 

Additionally, it is crucial for students and businesses or start-ups who operate locally or in small groups that require internet connectivity.

MTN MiFi Price

The MTN MiFi comes with free 3GB of internet data that is valid for 30 days and costs only UGX 189,000 at MTN shops and partner stores countrywide.