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Located on Bussi Island on Lake Victoria, Park Shoebill Adventure lies 2°49′ north of the Equator and is just 8 kilometers away from Entebbe, the airport city in Uganda. 

Park Shoebill Adventure is a leisure park in Uganda. The park is located on Bussi Island, one of the many islands on Lake Victoria. It lies 2°49′ north of the Equator and is only about 8 kilometres from the town of Entebbe. 

Bussi island can be reached by motorised canoe in 40 minutes or by speedboat in 15 minutes. It is close to Entebbe International Airport and provides a spectacular view of the Entebbe Peninsula.

Park Shoebill Adventure Park: why visit?

Bussi island features Mabamba bay, a significant birding area and a RAMSAR site. 

A Ramsar site is a wetland declared by the Ramsar Convention, commonly known as “The Convention on Wetlands,” to be of worldwide importance. 

The island is home to more than 280 kinds of birds, in addition to several trees and other plant species. 

The unique and endangered Shoebill stork is among the many bird species on this island. 

At Park Shoebill Adventure Park, you experience the fusion of luxury and nature in a setting overlooking a beautiful lake. The environment is calm, green, spacious and beautiful.

Activities at Park Shoebill

Equator experience: You can ride a bike or go by boat to the Equator line. By spending time at the Equator, you get a feel of being in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Nature walk: The lush greenery at the park is suitable for a walk. The trees are of different species and offer beauty to the park. They also provide shade to guests who prefer sitting outside. 

The guides usually take the guests around the farm trails to experience nature and learn about the various foods grown in Uganda. 

A guided nature walk costs UGX 40,000 per hour.

Birding: Park shoebill is proud of its association with nature and is a location for you to enjoy a birding adventure. 

Famously known for the shoebill stork, the park is also home to over 300 bird species, some land and others water birds. 

These include the long-crested eagle, the blue swallow, bellied heron, spotted water ducks, little bee-eater, Tawny eagle, yellow wagtail, tawny-flanked perinea, slender-billed gull, the pied kingfisher papyrus gonolek, western banded snake eagle, white-winged warbler, white-spotted fantail, Allen’s, purple gallinule, grey horns, jacanas, rufous, whin chat, long-toed lapwing, northern brown-throated weaver, grassland pipit, house sparrow, sand martin, fork-tailed dragon, grebes, darters, bitterns, black heron, hammer kop, hadada ibis, African open bill and lesser flamingos.

The best time to observe the shoebill is in the morning while it patiently waits for its prey, mudfish or frogs, to move. However, you can also spot it throughout the day.

Community walks: As a guest at Park Shoebill Adventure Park, you can take strolls through the villages on Bussi Island. 

The community walks allow visitors to understand the cultural aspects of the people living on the island. A guided community walk costs UGX 50,000 per hour.

Tubing on Lake Victoria: This is the most recent activity introduced at Park Shoebill. Tubing involves relaxing and floating on a water body on an inflated tube. 

Private camping: At Park Shoebill, there is a secluded area where campers can set up their tents and enjoy the beautiful views of nature. Often, a campfire is set up too.

Fishing: Fishing at park Shoebill can be both recreational and sport. To fish, one needs to have a rod and reel. Fishing is done in the evenings. 

Corporate events: The natural setting and distance from the mainland make it the best place for conferences, family gatherings, workshops, seminars and team-building events. 

During our team-building events, participants form teams and exchange techniques that improve their collective thinking and communication.

Hiring a conference hall for about 50 people costs UGX 1,000,000.

Boat cruise: A boat ride is a perfect way to relax, enjoy and take in the beautiful scenery around you for a few hours on Lake Victoria. 

The boats come in various sizes, and types and at different prices. You can enjoy your boat cruise with drinks served by bartenders.

Picnic: Carry your food, drinks, and snacks with a couple of friends or family and enjoy a fun-filled day at Park Shoebill. 

Cycling: Bikes can be rented for a small fee and ride around the park. 

Games at Park Shoebill

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Zorb ball: A Zorb ball is a huge, inflatable, flexible plastic ball inside of which a person can climb. It is essentially a large, inflated hamster ball for humans. 

They are applicable on grass, snow, ice, and even water. Inside a Zorb ball, you can walk or roll on the ground. You can also walk on water with a Zorb ball. 

High ropes: The high ropes course is not only great for adults, but also gives children body stability and strength, as it enhances their muscular power and capacity. 

Zip lining: Ziplining is an activity for both children and adults. The various levels in the game give a similar rush of adrenaline.  

A package of cycling, high ropes course, Zorb ball, nature walk and canoeing costs UGX 250,000 per person.

Other occasional activities include a movie night at the beach with a campfire. 

Where to find Park Shoebill

Drive to the Nakiwogo landing site in Entebbe, situated next to the Nakiwogo market. You can get to the Nakiwogo landing site from Kampala through the Kampala-Entebbe Road. 

When you reach Entebbe General hospital, take Nsamizi road, which passes via Uganda Virus Research Institute to the landing site. Several boats transport guests from the Nakiwogo landing site to Bussi Island. 

It takes about 15 minutes to reach the island. Upon arrival at Park Shoebill, the smartly dressed staff help you settle in at the park before embarking on any activities.

Meals at the park

The breakfast menu includes spiced tea, coffee, porridge and a serving of snacks such as chapati, samosas and many more. 

For lunch and dinner, there is both indoor and outdoor catering. Lunch often includes a buffet and fast food.

Accommodation at the park

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Park Shoebill Adventure Park offers accommodation in well-preserved cottages and private camping tents, providing for a colourful vacation. 

Birds chirping in the trees is one of the memorable moments that guests staying at the park enjoy. 


  • Full board accommodation (plus all activities) costs USD 125 per person.
  • Half board accommodation (including high ropes level 1 only) costs USD 100 per person.
  • Bed & breakfast minus activities cost USD 85 per person
  • Bed only minus activities costs USD 80 per person
  • The day package costs UGX 250,000 per person. It includes lunch and all activities at the park.

How to make reservations

Reservations are made online by filling out a form with your details, the number of guests, and the package of preference including the planned activities, arrival & departure time.

The office is open 24/7 from Monday- Sunday. Therefore, booking can be done at any time.