Kalifah Aganaga Hopes to Reunite Musicians as UMA Vice President
Kalifah Aganaga Hopes to Reunite Musicians Once Elected Vice President of the UMA

Known by his stage name Kalifah Aganaga, Mukiibi Sadat has announced he will be seeking to revive the spirit of Ubuntu within the music industry as soon as he is elected vice president of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA).

Musician Mukiibi Sadat commonly known by his stage name Kalifah Aganaga has said he will be looking to revive the spirit of Ubuntu in the industry once elected vice president of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA).

Aganaga made the remarks on Friday while appearing on Urban Television’s rush hour program. He said one of his plans once voted, will be to educate musicians on how to love their nation and the people in it.

His submission came up in response to the consistent bottle pelting from fans aimed at some musicians more so those affiliated with the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party. 

Aganaga said it is inappropriate for an individual to hate a musician because they support a different party from theirs.

“Uganda is the only country where you move from Entebbe airport to Gulu without seeing a Ugandan flag anywhere. I want to first teach musicians to love their country,” Aganaga said as he shared part of his manifesto.

“Just like other people have a right to support anyone, we should know that artists have that right too. Why throw bottles at artists supporting NRM yet for you, you don’t chase away NRM customers from your business.”

He, however, applauded those who came up with the UMA initiative but noted many of the problems affecting the industry would have been non-existent had it been introduced earlier on during the days of the late Basudde.

“If the Uganda Musicians Association was started back in the days of the late Basudde, we wouldn’t be finding all these challenges. The ground would be leveled, but we are just starting everything now,” Aganaga noted.

“We need to push for our own industry because right now we fall under the Gender and Labour ministry which takes up so many people including traditional healers,” he added explaining that he opted to run for UMA vice presidency to help him gain experience.

“I want to first study carefully how the office of the president works and see what I need to change, that is why I opted for the position of vice president.”

This comes at a time when two musicians including King Saha and Cindy Sanyu have so far expressed interest in vying for the UMA top position.

This is the first time Saha has expressed interest in the position while the latter has served in it for the last two years.