MP Ssegirinya wins case challenging his election (1)
The High Court in Kampala Tuesday dismissed a petition in which Sulaiman Kidandala was challenging the election of Muhammad Ssegirinya as Kawempe North legislator. FILE PHOTO

Sulaiman Kidandala filed a petition in Kampala challenging the election of Muhammad Ssegirinya as a Kawempe North legislator. In response, the High Court dismissed the petition on Tuesday.

The High Court in Kampala took action Tuesday, dismissing a petition in which Sulaiman Kidandala challenged Muhammad Ssegirinya’s election as a legislator for Kawempe North.

For months, Kidandala has been on the Electoral Commissions’ neck over the manner in which Ssegirinya was allowed to run on the ballot paper yet his academic papers are wanting.

Kidandala came second in the Kawempe North January polls with 7,512 votes behind Ssegirinya who was the victor with 41,197 votes.

Since the results’ declaration in January, Kidandala has been running to different courts questioning how the latter was allowed to stand without clear academic documents.

However, on Tuesday the High Court which sat to hear out Kidandala’s plea ruled that the Electoral Commission which was listed as a respondent filed an application requesting the court to dismiss the petition since Ssegirinya had not been served with the petition.

Kidandala’s lawyers insisted that when they took documents of the petition to Kitalya prison where Ssegirinya was detained about three months ago, he refused to receive the documents.

Justice Henrietta Wolayo on Tuesday however, ruled that there is no evidence by Kidandala’s lawyers to prove that Ssegirinya’s team was presented a copy of the documents as required by the law.

“The OC of Kitalya prison had to endorse the petition to prove that he had been served( on behalf of Ssegirinya),” Justice Wolayo said in a ruling read by the court’s deputy registrar, Agnes Alum.

The judge, in addition, indicated that the order of substituted service meant that Kidandala’s lawyers had to forward these documents to Ssegirinya while he was in prison or if not, through the officer in charge of the prison who had to endorse receipt of the petition but also pin a notice on the court’s notice board.

“But despite a notice that was also put on the court’s notice board, Ssegirinya who was in prison was never served. This means there was ineffective service. Having found the petition redundant and non-starter for lack of service, it is struck off the record,” Justice Wolayo ruled.

MPs Ssegirinya Ssewanyana murders in Masaka and Lwengo killings (1)
Some suspects, Enanga said, revealed to them that on top of recruiting them, these MPs also promised them a lot of wealth, which induced them into committing these atrocities. FILE PHOTO

This, however, comes at a time when Ssegirinya is still battling charges connected to being the mastermind behind the ongoing vicious killings in Masaka and Lwengo

He and his colleague of the National Unity Platform party, Allan Ssewanyana were on Tuesday remanded to Kitalya prison up to September 15. 

The Masaka Magistrates court ruled that they had a hand in the murder of three individuals including Michael Nawa, Sulaiman Kakooza and Tadeo Kiyimba of Kimanya Kabonera village in August 2021.